Sunday, May 18, 2008

A friend asks only for your time not your money.


for some reason, i have kept that above fortune in my wallet for the past 6 years. i'm puzzled why i have no desire to throw it out.

anyways, this comic made me think of it:

so tomorrow is the last test of sbm, second year. noon, monday may 19th will be SO GLORIOUS. 2nd year has been THE BIGGEST BITCH ever and it's finally come to an end. huzzah!

now on to being locked up for another month to study for boards when chicago is finally getting nice outside (ie. above 40 degrees). POOP.

1 comment:

Christine said...

hahahaha that comic's hilarious.

omg, no more precis handed to us on the way out ever again! tomorrow will be the best post-test ever. well, maybe 2nd best. i imagine that post-boards night will pretty sweet as well.

12 hrs away from tears of happiness. good luck tomorrow! :)