Friday, January 25, 2008

Remember them? BBMak

Remember them? Wow, music from the TRL era, and definitely brought quality to the list. I have to say that BBMak is my favorite boy band. EVER. Not Backstreet Boys. Not *NSYNC. Nah. Neither of those two fulfills the qualities that I admire about BBMak.
[1] They play their own instruments.
[2] All of the members have amazing vocals.
[3] They write their own material.
[4] None of their albums have filler.
[5] They're from England!
[6] All of the members are H-O-T.swoon.


Christine said...

ooh i really like that version of "ghost of you," and wow "still on your side" brings back waay too many memories...


KTBPA 4-->. ^_^

(i swear i've never typed out that face before...oh to relive those teenybopper days...)

peo said...

ZOMG dennis! I totally agree with you! And this made me totally nostalgic.

Anonymous said...

"I can tell" by them is soo good! those boyz can SANG!!! They were so unrrated.. better then backstreet boyz.. they actually could really sing and produced a lot of their own music