Thursday, August 09, 2007

Day 6: Opéra et Montmartre

République in the morning. Every morning, we started out going to a patisserie or a boulangerie to grab a quick bite before our day out. Ever single patisserie had the best croissants and pains au chocolat ever. I say it's in the butter...Omg. Finding this American Express office was my saviour. I had these traveler's checks but I would get charged 15% of the value of the check which was ridiculous. Only American Express could do it without the charge because I bought my checks from them. Never was I so happy to see the words American...
Inside Les Galaries Lafayettes, a huge department store.

The old Opera house.
The grand marble staircase.
Loved the Chagall ceiling.

The ballroom.
The day room.
The night room.

This woman was so entertaining while we were resting in front of the Sacre Coeur. She sang songs and was getting the crowd involved.

View from the top.

Inside taking a secret shot.
Moulin de la galette. One of only two remaining real windmills used back in the day.

We were just wondering around Montmartre, and we found the fruit and vegetable stand used in the movie Amélie. I was ecstatic.
I should have dipped my fingers in the sac of nuts like the movie.
Art nouveau style metro entrance.
Pigalle was the street full of prostitutes and items like this!
Found the Moulin Rouge!
Went back for some bar food at Montmartre. This gelato was SO GOOD.
Went back early for the long day ahead the next day. Paris doesn't get dark until 10pm....

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