Thursday, August 09, 2007

Day 5: Louvre et les Champs-Elysées

By now, I was getting TIRED. But more than half the trip was left so I had to suck it up and go on! The Louvre:These I.M. Pei pyramids are GENIUS. I fell in love with them.
I never been in a museum where I was more fascinated and interested in the building rather than the relics they had to show. The Louvre focuses on items before 1900 and mostly historical artifacts. Not of much interest to me.

I wanna read the Da Vinci code again.

The Mona Lisa was bigger than I expected it to be.
But it was ridiculous seeing this many people go crazy over on painting. It goes against the point of viewing and appreciating art. Getting close and inspecting the piece was impossible unless you were under 10 years old. Apparently children have first class access. Damn those toddlers.
Loved this painting the best in the Louvre.
The palace was so beautiful.

Napoleon III's bed.
Amazing sculpture gardens.

Code of Hammurabi!
Venus de Milo!

Oh man, we spent like 5 hours in there, and we only saw like 1/3 of the entire museum. And we were speed walking throughout the entire time. The museum is MASSIVE.
The Champs-Elysées!
Le Grand Palais!
Louis Vuitton!

Arc de Triomphe!

La Grande Arche at La Defense!

It's cool how the two arches align perfectly.

Grabbed some great pizza at this German place called Falstaff. While looking around for a restaurant, Parisians LOVE Tex-Mex food. I was so surprised. They love tacos and burritos, etc.... The most popular was one called "Indiana" and the beer of choice was Desperados. Too bad we didn't try it.

Walking down la Seine at night is amazing. The entire river was lined with people, picnic-ing out until midnight. Rows of petanque/bocce ball courts line the river too for people to play. Wish I could've played! Just needed the balls :(.
Notre Dame!

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Christine said...

apparently just spending 1 minute in front of each piece of art in the louvre would take 4 months straight...