Thursday, August 09, 2007

Day 4: Au Revoir Londres, Hello Paris

We had around 6 hours before our Eurostar train ride to Paris, so we decided to check out a few spots we missed along the way.St. Paul's cathedral.

The one shot I could get inside. It was really cool that you can climb up to the top of the dome.
After 400 steps...
and out of breath.
My favorite building in London, the egg one.

While we were going up, the fire alarm rang. It was a false alarm, but we went down nonetheless, causing us to climb the thing TWICE.
The view to the bottom of the cathedral from the top of the dome.
Mari never thought she would see her name graffitied before she got there.

Double decker bus!!
Back to Trafalgar for a quick snack.
Yummy Marks & Spencers sea salt and vinegar crisps and pink lady apple juice.
We dropped by the National Gallery after eating and wishe we stayed longer. So much to see, and the impressionists gallery was amazing. Cool to see Van Gogh's sunflowers. But it was time to say goodbye to London...
And enter the zone of speaking French. Our "hotel" was located in the Marais neighborhood, which was a quiet and thankfully safe part of Paris. Before going back to the hotel, we explored and had dinner at a cafe near République. The blurry figures in the picture is this hot couple making out. It really is the city of romance. Every corner, people sucking face. It was quite alarming.
My croque monsieur was GUUUDE.

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Christine said...

mari's outfit is so cute! (haha no worries, yours is too!)