Thursday, August 09, 2007

Day 3: Buckingham Palace, Knightsbridge, London Eye

London was full of diversity that is very unlike the US. Here, diversity means a different physical feature. So in London, I was kinda surprised that a lot of people that I expected to didn't speak English. In London, there were so many languages speaking at once that I couldn't keep track. The front of Buckingham Palace.

This was my favorite part of London. Seeing the palace, the whole place was so opulent and magnificent. There is so much living history in one building and I liked how everything is still in use. Too bad I couldn't take pictures. Don't want to mess with the Queen.
The backyard of the palace.

Near the palace was Hyde Park.
Loved the parks in London.

The serpentine near the lake overlooked some nasty smelling water. This was the dirtiest lake I've ever seen...
We headed south to Knightsbridge to do some exploring.
Found this awesome and hip Japanese joint called Wagamama. Had great chicken katsu curry there.

The Victoria and Albert museum is such a cool museum devoted to decorative arts.

Missed the Kylie exhibit by a month! Damn.
Loved the Chihuly sculpture in the center of the desk.
I love how all British museums are FREE.
We mostly checked out the fashion exhibit. There was a special one devoted to New York.
Grabbed some afternoon tea near Harrod's.
So much food for an afternoon snack...
COOLEST STORE EVER. Had everything that you ever want in one building.
Wish I could afford it tho...

900 pounds worth of dog.... that's a freakin $2,000 dog.
I thought America was bad with Christmas starting before Halloween. England is worse. Christmas has already begun there.
By nightfall, we wanted to see the city when it was dark on the London Eye.
Coolest ferris wheel ever.

It was funny to hear the group of American guys with us hoping that Big Ben would light up...

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm. fructose-free ketchup....


tb said...

gah!!! the night pics are so awesome, reminds me that mike STILL has not uploaded pics from our trip circa 2005. *aherm*

Christine said...

wagamama! buckingham! you are so lucky!

Anonymous said...

My first trip to London was a bus trip up to the city from my study abroad university in Brighton to see Spamalot the musical. It was awesome driving around London in a two decker, walking around Piccadilly Circus, and then getting to go to the Shaftesbury Theatre for some Monty Pythonness with actual Brits playing the leads. I got some really good hard cider for refreshment, something you could never do in America and had a really good time.I am deeply grateful for being given the opportunity to travel to this amazing city. I was amazed of a quantity of Limousine London owners. I love going to Cities and getting lost in the history of the place, I can do that every day in London. Next time you go to London, open your eyes and look around you. It is like an another world.
Thanks Dennis for your fascinating blog, pictures.
Keep up the great work!