Thursday, August 09, 2007

Day 2: British Museum, Jason, Tate Modern, Mary Poppins

Before we went on our trip, Mari and I made a detailed itinerary of what we set out to do each day. For the most part, we did all of the places and things we set out to do. This picture is for you Martin.
The British Museum.
This newly added atrium in the center of the museum is fantastic. I love the ceiling.

The Rosetta stone! It was MASSIVE.
Getting close to the Pantheon. WOOP-AH. That was for you Biswas.
Looking at all the friezes.
Lots of metopes and pediments to see.

Gotta love the Buddha.
Cool mummies.
Jason was working at Cambridge at the time helping out a summer school program for high schoolers. It was great that he could take time off from work to meet up with us. King's Cross is awesome.
Had to visit Platform 9 and 3/4 obviously.
Italian food at Lecester Square.
Walking over to the Tate Modern.
Cool factory building converted into museum space.

Had a few amazing pieces of modern art (especially the Rothko room), but overall I was underwhelmed with the collection. I didn't like how they were arranged by subjective interpretations rather than chronologically. It didn't make sense.

Millennium bridge.

So we bought theater tickets to see Mary Poppins at 7pm. Unfortunately, we were at the Tate Modern until 5:30pm. The smart thing to do was to go straight to the show and eat around there. But I was adament on going to Brick Lane to get some good Indian food. Oh man, the people on the streets were to pushy and getting you into their restaurant. We got in one that promised quick food and 25% off. They didn't keep their promise and the food came at 6:30pm, leaving us a half hour to get to the theater on the opposite side of London.
Our hurried taxi ride there. I was so nervous to miss our show...
But we made it!
It was such a fun show and I like how they went beyond the movie to distinguish itself. I really liked how the entire audience got into the show and had so much energy. But it was definitely less formal affair than watching a show here. People left all their trash everywhere, and people were taking pictures throughout the show...
My favorite was the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious dance. While singing, they spelled out each letter with their hands. It was AWESOME. Watch:After the show, we scarfed down the Indian food we bought earlier and said goodbye to Jason. Walking back we found this pub...
Another view of Picadilly...

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tb said...

omg i wanna go to crooked surgeon!!! reminds me of something in harry potter; and wow, u guys are so cultural, i can't believe u saw rosetta stone!!!