Sunday, July 01, 2007

Please watch Sicko.

You can say that I am a fan of Michael Moore. I haven't seen his other movies, but Fahrenheit 9/11 was such a breath of fresh air at a time when it was unsafe to speak out. I remember watching that film three years ago at the Charles Theatre in Baltimore (man, I wish I had one of those in Chicago...) It was great to see someone with the guts to speak out against the Bush administration and pinpoint all the fallacies people failed to notice or denied ever having seen. 

When I heard Moore was planning his next documentary to be about the healthcare system, I was more than intrigued by what he would produce. As a medical student, (or even when I was a college student) I am truly displeased with the healthcare system. Simply, the basis of health care should be helping people, and the American system is an utter failure.

While watching the movie, I couldn't help but go back to senior year when I took that health care and management course. It was interesting to hear all these Johns Hopkins public health officials, people who are at the top of their fields in the health care management speak of the system today. Every lecture, the professors kindly noted the areas that American health care needs to resolve, or it will be a slippery slope to disaster. Americans spend about 16% of the GDP on health care. That's certainly a considerable amount of money and definitely more than what other Westernized countries are paying. The reason why people are spending so much money is that people who are insured are paying for the number of people who are uninsured. This system causes people who can afford to pay for their medical care are paying for people who can't. This brings all the prices up and causes people to go bankrupt.

The number of elderly people are growing exponentially and there is a definite a lack of resources. I kept hearing again and again, you should go into internal medicine. Too many doctors are going into specialized practices where earning greater than six figure salaries. Well hello. My name is Dennis. I have around $40,000 in debt for college. And will now amass another $250,000 grand for medical school. $300,000 is going to be gone. Would it be LOGICAL for me to go into specialty where I won't be able to pay back these loans. It is why so many people aren't going into internal medicine. CAN YOU SEE THIS CYCLE OF DESTRUCTION?

So this movie presented its case on how bad American health care really is. So many people are without insurance. People with insurance aren't getting quality health care and can't afford it. Hospitals are turning patients away. Dropping them literally on the streets. People are dying due to profits of all these private HMOs are making. It's just ridiculous. And oh, there's that controversial part of the 9/11 workers getting 320938 times better care in FREAKIN' Cuba than in the states.

This movie just made me angry. Angry that I'm going to be part of this system that is negatively affecting patients lives. Angry that I'm going to be tied to the system affecting the care I will give to my patients. Angry that I can't do anything about it. Angry that American probably won't change in my generation. Angry that people are so against the single payer system. Angry that Britain and France have FREE health care, and us Americans don't. ANGRY ANGRY ANGRY!!!

That's my two cents and tell everyone to watch this movie. It will make you just go in awe in how bad America is compared to the other nations in the world. The movie is not about Michael Moore and his political beliefs. It is about how opening your mind to other health care systems and wondering why ours isn't like theirs. That concludes my long rant I had to get out after watching.


tb said...

dude i totally agree... and insurance companies are so evil.. and our system is only perpetuating the evil.. i can't say i'm not guilty of this either since the clout that insurance companies have is probably due to lawyers...

Anonymous said...

Sadly it's true...whatever insurance companies pay for, that's what you gotta use...