Thursday, June 21, 2007

I must master it.

So if you know me, I'm a gym person. Throughout the year, Holmes has been like a second home, trying to every free second I possibly had. After Amy and I moved into our new apartment (pictures that I must post up soon), I've been going to the gym upstairs pretty much everyday. It's so convenient when you want to run a couple of miles, just to go upstairs and get it done. Want to use the elliptical? Lift some weights? Easy. Done and done.Lately, I've given that all up for swimming. On the top floor, there is awesome pool that's the length of half of an official lap. After doing it consistently everyday for the past 10 days, I've concluded that it's such an awesome way to work out your body. Every single muscle in your body is in use all at the same time, and good cardio too! (Swimming = Cardio + Weights = TIME EFFICIENT) Plus so much more fun than just running idly on a treadmill. And, no more nasty sweat coming out of every single pore of your body. AND, none of the joint pains of running. (I should remember to register to run for the half marathon tho...) When I first tried it, I couldn't even reach the end of the lap. But after the advice of Miss Meghan O'Halloran, I can do swim at greater lengths each time I go. But now I must master the flip turn.I've been watching that video again and again, analyzing the best way to do it. Now I'm recommending that swimming is the best way workout ever.

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NeoPeo said...

Okay Dennis CLEARLY you're on vacation (and i'm luvin' the updates). Swimming is most awesome. And very tiring. And it makes you hungry. And thirsty. I'll race you. :-D.