Tuesday, June 19, 2007


Last Monday, I went to the Metro and I got to see wonderful ray of technicolor light that is MIKA. If you've read before, I've seen Mika in NYC during spring break. And that was just amazing. Amy, Rachel and I have never experience a concert so fun like that. With balloons dotting the audience, he brought so much joy and happiness to his performance. Plus, we got to attend the after party where we got to meet/dance/adore him.

So, I looked at this next gig with a certain critical eye. How could he make this show any better than the one in New York? Oh yes he did. His gig was narrowed down to all the upbeat songs (sadly, no more "Over My Shoulder") and added more covers (an AMAZING "Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)" and Jackson 5's "I Want You Back"). Girls in pigtails and cute Dutch dresses were handing out lollipops before the concert, which was amazing! At the end of the set, he set all these huge balloons off in the air, and set TONS of silver confetti in the air, showering us with JOY. PLUS HE TOOK HIS FREAKIN' SHIRT OFF. That single moment, made this set a SMIDGE better than the one in New York... Here are some pictures stolen from Matt:

Today, his new video was just released! Not my favorite song from the album, but my favorite video of his so far. Watchie:

My favorite song!I didn't know there was an official video!!!

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