Sunday, March 25, 2007

Bloc Party

I've been waiting for this Bloc Party concert until forever. So I went with my concert buddies (Jiyeon and Amy) to the Congress theater after that long exam. There were two openers before the Bloc Party. The first was Sebastien Grainger, who I thought was so awful. Everything felt out of sync. The crashing drums, the bassist that was non-stop and the songs didn't quit. Right when you felt one song was ending, he started another one. People were visibly pissed and I was one of them. The second performer, Albert Hammond, Jr., completely made up for it. While watching them perform, I couldn't help but feel familiar with the guy. It was like I've seen him before and his massive afro. I had a feeling that he was from the Strokes, but I wasn't sure, until Jiyeon confirmed it. And it was AMAZING. Every single song was a blast and they just had a sound like a Strokes-lite. Of all the concerts I've been to, the band was the best opener ever.
I was so pumped to listen to Bloc Party and they were everything I expected them to be. Just HIGH ENERGY.It was just awesome to see everyone show love for this band. I wish I stood in front of my favorite, Russell Lissack. I just love how quiet he is in real life, but a storm on the stage with his guitar. Don't you just love his Pokemon stickers on this guitar? I love and want his hair.Kele, the lead singer, got all over everyone and it was crazy. One guy jumped on me and several other younger girls near me and one of them was hit pretty bad. She was lucky to see them back stage! Hmph. I got hit too. I should have faked a huge injury.
Jiyeon, the ultimate setlist collector, got the copy beating other girls would have given her big $$$ for the sheet of paper. She shoulda sold it to that crazy fan.
I want some Bloc Party sweat.
After we decided to go celebrate post-test-goodness at the Leg Room and surprisingly, there were lots of other people there. Good to just wind down, get a little boozy and see everyone celebrate another unit. Only one more left :(.

And thanks to Jon, you can see another concert of Bloc Party here. Just go to Fabchannel to see other bands too for free! Awesome

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