Saturday, March 17, 2007

St. Paddy's Day!!!

Remember that boat tour I did of the Chicago skyline during orientation. That was when I first heard that they made the river green for St. Patrick's Day. I was like NO WAY, so I went to wikipedia, and there it was. Chicago goes all out for this holiday...So, I've been counting the days to see this actually happen. They go to great lengths each year to dye the river GREEN. Not just the normal poop green that you see in the river. But NEON GREEN. It probably makes the drunkards even more loopy. WOOHOO FOR GREEN BEER.
After some further research, the powder that they add to the water has the organic compound, Fluorescein. You chem majors. look at the compound on the right. FIGURE IT OUT. EXPLAIN! Wikepedia doesn't do a great job at it. So basically the substance emits light at wavelengths of 514 nm (in water), which is within the green spectrum (495–570 nm)? CRAZY. OH. I just figured it out I guess. BUT!! How does orange powder make the river green???
People say that it is the leprechauns. They are the ones reponsible... oh those naughty tiny people...
Jiyeon, Matt and I got a pretty good view of them mixing the powder around the river.
Thousands of people came to see this spectacle.
See how NEON it is?
Orange + H2O = Green.
Mix mix mix.
Jiyeon took this introspective picture of Matt. Next time you see him, think of him as a pensive person. Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone!!! Don't study too much! I want an Irish car bomb.


Matt said...

im so jealous i missed the river!! hopefully next year our test will be the week BEFORE st. patty's and we can actually enjoy the holiday

NeoPeo said...

WAH! So cool!!!! And look at how many people were there to watch! Such tourists, y'all.

And I don't understand the fluorescin dealio either. Solee! piyo