Friday, March 02, 2007

Make your own maki night!

Several med students were invited to the local sushi restaurant, Kamehachi to learn how to make maki. And it was DELISH. We made maki with tuna. Nigiri with salmon, shrimp and tuna.I realized how DIRTY making sushi is. Your hands are all over the rice. You touch raw fish, who knows how long has been out. And everything is raw.But it makes you realize how immaculate the sushi making area needs to be. The sushi chef was awesome teaching us how to make the perfect sushi. I wish I learned more about the names, cuz I'm still clueless when I see a sushi menu.This was Sara and my creations. My maki sucked cuz the rice wasn't seen around the entire tuna piece. So difficult!
Best part of the night? SAKEEEEEEE. They had selection of 5 different bottles of sake and we all tried a shot of each. The best? It was a blue bottle and very dry. I should've written down the name of it... I really liked the bottle of a pink sake called Sayuri (from Memoirs of a Geisha), but it wasn't that great.Hmmm... I'm hesitating coming back here. It's way to pricy because it's in this Streeterville area. I prefer going to Sushi Para II... ALL YOU CAN EAT FOR $17....

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