Sunday, March 04, 2007

Listen to: Robin Thicke

Amy introduced me to Robin Thicke. I've heard of his music before, but I wasn't really interested. I slowly got hooked into it tho. His CD is what I expected the new Justin Timberlake would've been if he made a Justified II. Plus what was weird about him was that he kept reminding me of Alan Thicke, his dad aka the dad from Growing Pains. I was like ewww this is WRONG. But this video is SO HOTT. Plus it features his wife, so it's extra sexy.


tb said...

omg i luv this song! i was listening to it on repeat all last week. his wife is hotter than halle!

chethana said...

I like the song, but he does look a lot like his dad, which weirds me out a little. His wife is HOT though. Hey I wanna see more med prom pics after that tantalizing preview!! hope you're doing well babe :)

Amir Tusher said...

like the video