Sunday, March 18, 2007

the kiss.

so i was catching up on ugly betty/grey's anatomy tonight on, which is fucking fabulous. no more torrents. no more waiting for episodes to download and wreck my computer. one of the sponsors was Rembrandt toothpaste. I always viewed this brand as a luxury one. you know, the brand that goes for $7-8 a tube. I prefer Crest.

Anyways, this commercial kept popping up for the commercial breaks.SO MOTHERFUCKING HOTT. As a side note for Susie and Matt, I have not converted to the other team even though I was all excited about the cervix the other day. Anyways, damn, don't you wanna be kissed like that? In the fields of corn husks, on a breezy summery day? DAMN.


michelle said...

i wanna be kissed like that! i do i do!!! *waves hand in air frantically like a big 3rd grader nerd*

sigh. i need to get out of med school and get some.

Amir Tusher said...

remember when we were young and we were all like, "i wonder how to kiss the right way, etc" well for the people that still want to know, just take notes on this video hehe

2 weeks! i'll take you to the belgian beer bar, i think you'll love it

alice said...

wow...faints -- flat on her face that was really really steamy...makes me wanna go brush my teeth and become a dentist...WHERE IS MINDY WHEN U NEED HER GEESH