Friday, March 02, 2007

Così fan tutte

I first heard about Così fan tutte (All Women are like that) when Tina and I saw the San Francisco 2005 production of "Eugene Onegin". Just the thought of comedic opera written by Mozart seemedd too funny to be true. Luckily, the Lyric Opera of Chicago is performing the opera now! With the same sets and designs as the SFOpera's version. I had to see it. There was a free dress researsal for medical students, but I couldn't attened due to another class. When I heard JIyeon could get tickets, we HAD to go.I loved the concept of the story how two men believe that their respective partners would remain loyal and faithful forever. So their friend bets that all women aren't faithful if presented with other men. Controversial theory but leads to hilarious results. I've never seen a more fun opera, especially with the cast like this. They were all so strong and each had their own strengths. My two favorites were was the sassy maid/doctor/notary played by Nuccia Focile (her debut too!) and Jiyeon and I were all over the man who played Guglielmo, Nathan Gunn. SO FREAKIN HOT. Plus his baritone voice was so rich and DEEP. So sexy.It just seemed as if the actors had a blast performing, cuz a lot of it was hijynx and physical comedy with the men. And so blatantly sexist. Loved it. But it was definitely VERY long. The opera lasted for 3 and half hours ending at 11pm. I could see all the old people ansy to leave for home. Definitely would see it again!!If you're a student, get really cheap $20 tickets with the promotional code 20586!


Coupon Heaven said...

Wow - this looks like a great production! Nathan Gunn is fantastic...I saw him at the Lincoln Center Tree Lighting last November.

I applaud Lyric Opera of Chicago's "NExT Students" programs. The membership is free, and the $20 ticket price is incredible! Thanks for listing the promotional code for this production.

Joyce said...

ooh!! i saw opera vivente's much smaller production of cosi fan tutte in baltimore w/ stacy/jess/janet last semester and it was great! and yes i remember it being very long...definitely was getting restless at the end!

tb said...

oo cool u saw cosi fan tutte :D