Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Computerless for a week

wow. it's been a long time without a computer. but i loved it. being disconnected from the computer world, it made me realize how much time i waste just sitting in front of my laptop.

so what happened? on the top case of the macbooks, there are two lines on the top to prevent the lid from closing can see it on the top of this picture. i guess it is meant to prevent the screen to touch the keyboard. anyways, those two lines have delved deep on the other side of the computer and created a crack. It wasn't as bad as this, and i could have waited until spring break to fix it, but I decided to use the genius services at apple. anyways, the guy was an asshole saying that the damage was accidental, which is totally stupid. why create these ridges that makes cracks into the palm rest area. they need to fix this problem in the next generation of models. he said that i would get my computer back by the weekend (3 days) but i got it a week later, the day after complained to them in person.

all in all, i basically got a new computer at the end! my bradley smells are fresh and new laptop smell and the keys feel extra firm and bouncy.

so what has happened in the past week? lots.

lots of freakin studying. who knew the skull had like 24830293 different features, each with a name that sounds like gibberish. study study study. one more week and then freedom.

NURD. Matt and I had a Q&A board meeting and we decided to go to Boston Blackies for some $6 burgers and $2.75 beer. I feel like this place is the hidden jewel of restaurants in the Streeterville area. You can't beat the price and the atmosphere. And the burgers (medium rare please) were juicy to the max. So good that we went again with Age and Susie because we were craving it so much. Must go back. And how can you not like a restaurant whose phone number has the word JUICY in it. Simply amazing.

Pap smears. These past three weeks, my fingers have gone to places where they have never gone before. Fingers palpating for lymph nodes in hairy armpits? Check. Squeezing the areola/nipple for discharge? Done. Milking the shaft of the penis to see smegma. Yup. Fingering the anus and then feeling stools? Whatever. But yesterday was the pelvic exam. Yay for fingers in the vagemo. I'll just leave it to Matt who quoted me on this: some wonderful quotes about dennis' first pelvic exam: was my first time, it was really exciting...but not in that way!
...i loved the cervix, it was so beautiful, just like a pink fluffy donut that i wanted to take a bite out of
...then when i took the speculum out, the vaginal walls closed back up and the cervix just some buried treasure going back into its treasure chestI'll just leave it to the picture to tell you what I did on the woman.

omg. the weather yesterday was 75 degrees! Summer had arrived. And went away. :-(. I came home from the gym and was eating dinner when the woman on the news told people to leave their apartments and take a stroll. And a-strolling I did. It was just amazing to see all these runners/bikers/etc just enjoying the beautiful day that was a short tease of the summer. Read more about it here.

Tomorrow, Thursday 3/15: go to Starbucks!!! They're giving away free 12 oz cups of coffee. GO NOW.


Elizabeth said...

aww thanks dennis!!

Oh. and i might be in Chicago for the summer!!! i'm so excited! i love Chicago.

"we" might be in Chicago.

Matt said...

yay nurd shoutout! and as for the image that corresponded to that adventure, i had a chicken sandwich both times so enjoy your clogged popliteal (or whichever ones kibbe said get atherosclerotic) arteries!