Thursday, February 08, 2007

Listen to: With Love

been obsessed with this song for days. playing this song nonstop. knew she was going down kylie's route, but I wasn't expecting this...this is hilary's comeback.get it here.

so this exam tomorrow, unit 4: cardiovascular/pulmonary/respiratory/renal (aka CVRR) is apparently the hardest exam for the entire year (rumoured to have an avg of 50 last year...) i guess i should get back to it. sigh. can't wait for the weekend! booze!! going to see the shins!!

happy birthday to amir and eiline!!! celebrate well! miss you both!!!


Judy said...

That picture of you and Eiline? Classic.

eiline said...

hahaha, i feel loved. <3

chethana said...

OOOoooh I'm so jealous you're going to see the Shins!!!!! I thought you didn't like them all that much...? I want you to scream like a girl on my behalf. Call me sometime! xoxo chethana

Amir Tusher said...

thanks dennis!!! =)