Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Peruvian in Chicago

So last weekend was a blast. And I owe it all to Miss Jessica. During the break I visited Jess for Thanksgiving, she received an email saying she got an interview at U. of Chicago's optometry school. I was so excited that she could visit Chicago and see what an "average" day a Northwestern med student goes through. I also met up with Erin, who is a good friend of Jess's too! I should see her more because she goes to school in the loop. First we headed to Duke of Perth, an awesome Scottish Pub. Really good, cheap beer, but nothing can beat Brewer's Art. Later that night, we must TONS of people at the Apartment and Halligan's across the street.The music at the Apartment that night was AWESOME. Missed dancing so much! Erin got hit on by the obligatory black man, since she always gets hit on by black men whenever she goes out.I was so surprised how young the crowd was and how PACKED it was. Definitely coming back. Just tilt your head a bit...Woke up early the next day to check out the sites in Chicago. Went to DUE, which is exactly the same as Uno, but across the street. Apparently, Uno was so popular, they had to build another one to manage the crowd.Mmmm. I love Chicago pizza.The day was pretty cold, but we still got to see all the site around town.One obligatory shot of the bean, of course.Crowne fountain...This face was the nicer looking one. The one across from it looked bitchy.Ice skating at Millennium Park! Reminded me of the Lake House. Pretty good price for skating, but the ice got so choppy and rocky so quickly. So hard to skate on. But success! We didn't fall! Well Jess did once.On the way home, we stopped by the chocolate bar, Moonstruck. Had their Mexican Hot Cocoa, and it was DELICIOUS. Reminded me of Chocolat. Spicy and sweet. This is me apparently falling asleep. I was tired.Went to one of my favorite cheap places to eat, Bijans.So good.Later that day, we went to InVivo, which is basically the med school version of SNL. The show was 4 hours, but it felt so much shorter, cuz it was HILARIOUS. This was the best skit, like The Office:We said goodbye to Erin and we went up the Hancock to enjoy the view at the 95th floor. We're to cheap to sit at the bar, so I told her to go to the women's bathroom, which is the BEST view inside the building. Apprently it was good. Damn the men's bathroom and their lack of windows! The aftershow party was the next destination and the best part was that Jess knew Kida! Apparently they took an MCAT class together in Baltimore . SMALL WORLD.After that progressive party, we headed out to Mother's. Again, AWESOME MUSIC. Jess and I have the best of luck with good dance music. Olivia: see what I'm wearing? I'm all for engineering experiences for girls.So happy Jess visited and please visit again!!!


Stacy said...

I'm sooooooo jealous and soooooo hungry!
I wanna go dancing with you too!! One of these days, I'm coming and we're going to take over Chicago. Michigan Avenue is practically calling my name!!
Miss youuuu!

Judy said...

Awww, looks like fun. :)