Tuesday, November 20, 2007


test is tomorrow, but i am procrastinating.

too bad when christine and i went to the oprah show, it wasn't the favorite things... apparently oprah and i have the same favorite thing: SORBETTO.
Ciao Bella Blood Orange Sorbetto

Ciao Bella's Blood Orange Sorbetto is made from all natural ingredients including blood orange juice shipped straight from Sicily. "I love it because the flavor is just so refreshing," Oprah says.
this unhealthy obsession began with dinner at mari's when martin and neil brought dessert from fox and obel. and what a delicious dessert it was. the mango flavor is absolutely roll your eyes to the back of your head/i really can't think of anything better in my mouth feeling. seriously. i raved it so much to judy, and she said, "it's like biting into a mango without all the stringy-ness". yes. the mango of my life.

i think fox and obel is becoming the new trader joe's for me. no, that's too strong of a statement. tj's has great frozen foods and snacks that you can't get anywhere else for the price. but fox and obel has awesome produce at a reasonable price and items you can't find anywhere else. plus i'm too lazy to go to treasure island, which i think has the best bang for your buck... anyways, i decided to be more adventurous and go beyond my orange/apple purchases and go with the exotic pear. the concorde pear to be exact. and wow. best pear ever. crisp and juicy. a sweet that is subtle and has hints of other flavors like vanilla. YUM.

i can't wait for thanksgiving. the turkey is brining and read to be roasted.

stupid test.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Listen to: Wow

my favorite song off the new kylie:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-f2zYR-VkI

test on wednesday. hematology + oncology + endocrinology = DEATHHHHHHH!
I can't wait for Thanksgiving.
Yesterday, I bought at 13 lb turkey. Can't wait to brine it. YUM-O.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Have you been high today?

I love you inside me...
BEST VIDEO EVER.I have to thank Wael for this wonderful video that made me laugh for 5 minutes STRAIGHT. I haven't laughed this much in SO LONG.

Judy's coming to visit on Wednesday!!! :D.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

omg. judy found it!!!

ahhhhhhh! remember when I wrote about Klymaxx and how Judy and I loved loved LOVED this SNL skit we saw during sophomore year?? well, Judy found it~!!!! omg. this is the best skit ever (kinda makes sense only if you have seen the klymaxx videos before...)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rKFcLzBalGU

for a more current skit...watch another classic andy samberg moment here. "oh sorry. i was just putting one stray braid in my hair using native american beads that i got in hot topic in the bob marley section."

Monday, October 08, 2007


I'm glad Mari and I got to see it before THIS happened... another thing to be sad about. M2 year SUCKS ASS.

Friday, October 05, 2007

is he trying to tell me something?...

So Christine and i were watching the new Britney Spears' video, "Gimme More". We were both analyzing how great she looks and the storyline between the good v. evil Britney... All of a sudden, my computer CRASHED. Bradley?!? (aka my Macbook). He probably couldn't handle it... sigh. I THOUGHT YOU WERE BETTER.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNn2BTwykVQ

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Iran So Far


You can deny the holocaust all you want
But you can’t deny there’s something between us.

They call you "Weasel"
They say your methods are medieval
You can play the Jews
I can play your Jim Caviezel...

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Listen to: Let Me Know

Whoa. I didn't expect Roísín Murphy to take it to this direction. In the direction that I LOVE.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uGV0Ey6R138

I love the whole concept of ridiculous fashion in the most mundane places... Get the song here.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

This makes me so happy.

Argo Tea - Streeterville OPENING SOON!
Northwestern Memorial Hospital
(new Prentice Women's Hospital)
333 E Superior St, Chicago IL 60611
corner of Superior and Fairbanks, located in the hospital lobby
Ph: n/a

Sad that I'm drooling over a new building. Hope we get a decent sized classroom for the M2s...

Friday, September 07, 2007

Listen to: About You Now


Have been listening to this song NON STOP... Combining Dr. Luke ("Since U Been Gone" guy) and Cathy Dennis ("Can't Get You Out Of My Head" lady) is a mix destined for me to enjoy. Good job Sugababes... I'm impressed with the new comer Amelle... But I still Mutya.... This video makes me miss London.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Listen to: Tattoo

wow. go jordin sparks for getting stargate to produce her debut single...

school = TOO BUSY. m2 year = m1 * 9098. need to find time to just rewind.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Listen to: Runaway

It's scary how brilliant Avril's music is.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9Uk1PrGflk

I just wanna scream and lose control
Throw my hands up and let it go
Forget about everything and runaway yeah
I just want to fall and lose myself
Laughing so hard it hurts like hell
Forget about everything and runaway yeah

don't hate.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Day 1: Westminster Abbey, Picadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square

These past two weeks, I've been everywhere but Chicago. Before my trip to Europe, I had the chance to visit Baltimore again for Andrea and Rich's wedding. It was a completely beautiful affair and you can see pictures here. Special thanks to Olivia, Stacy, Anna and Sudip for hanging out this weekend. You guys are the best.

If you didn't know before, Mari and I have been planning to go to Europe for the past month. This summer is supposedly my LAST SUMMER EVER, so I had to make good use of it and go to the continent I most longed to visit. The summer flew by quickly and the day finally came. We took the el to O'Hare and flew all the way to Heathrow.
Let me say that the London Underground is THE BEST hand down subway system I have ever been on. Although the trains don't go everywhere, the entire system runs so smoothly. All the stations and trains were clean. But one trip on the underground is 4 pounds. In dollars, that's more than $8. Can you imagine paying for one trip for $8?? Oh well... the dollar STINKS. I loved the voices on the intercom telling you where to go. Best line ever? "This is a Picadilly line service to Cockfosters". *snort* We were the only ones giggling whenever we heard that. I am so mature.
Our hostel was located in West Kensington, 15 minutes west of London proper. The neighborhood was quiet and nice. Ace hostel is the first and probably the best hostel I will stay at. It was really clean (you can tell what makes me approve of things), high tech (keys were security card keys, internet available for use), friendly staff, a jacuzzi in the back! and breakfast in the morning. Contrary to the picture, I took the bottom bunk. The first night was great because we had the room to ourselves. Later, four other Americans (2 from Minnesota and 2 from the south) took the rest of the beds.
Dropping off our stuff, we headed over to Westminster Abbey.
It was great having Mari on the trip because she was so knowledgeable about British and French history.
Inside the Abbey (boo for prohibiting pictures...), there is so much history involved with the building. So many tombs with royalty and other tributes to important Britains.

Since the London Eye was so close, we decided to purchase tickets in advance. 15 pounds... SO EXPENSIVE. The dollar is SO WEAK.
Waterloo station to take us to Picadilly Circus aka the Time Square of London.
English term of the day: Hole in the wall = ATM/cash machine. This hole in the wall was most likely a bar...

Lights were awesome but I like Time Square better...
The one thing I noticed while walking around Europe is that the buildings are so much more beautiful than those here in America. Just by looking at it, you can see that there is so much history in all the buildings. Every street was just a sight to see.

Wonder if Lis knows Henry...
Got some great pub food at the Porcupine.
Had to try the fish and chips...
One of our professors told us that he goes to England and stocks up on ketchup because his daughter is allergic to fructose. Every American product is full of that stuff. But in England, they use sugar instead... And it's true! Not as tangy as the Heinz here but smoother and sweeter...
The National Gallery at Trafalgar Square.
Sadly no pigeons.

I'm too old. I couldn't climb up the lion... Mari took a great shot of me of my attempt.
Walking around, we found this palace like building. Apparently, it's a huge stable called Horses Guard. I wanna be a British horse.

We got a glimpse of Buckingham Palace at night.
By this time, I had been on about 2 hours of sleep and had been awake for at least 18 hours. I was a zombie walking to the nearest tube stop. SO TIRED.

Day 2: British Museum, Jason, Tate Modern, Mary Poppins

Before we went on our trip, Mari and I made a detailed itinerary of what we set out to do each day. For the most part, we did all of the places and things we set out to do. This picture is for you Martin.
The British Museum.
This newly added atrium in the center of the museum is fantastic. I love the ceiling.

The Rosetta stone! It was MASSIVE.
Getting close to the Pantheon. WOOP-AH. That was for you Biswas.
Looking at all the friezes.
Lots of metopes and pediments to see.

Gotta love the Buddha.
Cool mummies.
Jason was working at Cambridge at the time helping out a summer school program for high schoolers. It was great that he could take time off from work to meet up with us. King's Cross is awesome.
Had to visit Platform 9 and 3/4 obviously.
Italian food at Lecester Square.
Walking over to the Tate Modern.
Cool factory building converted into museum space.

Had a few amazing pieces of modern art (especially the Rothko room), but overall I was underwhelmed with the collection. I didn't like how they were arranged by subjective interpretations rather than chronologically. It didn't make sense.

Millennium bridge.

So we bought theater tickets to see Mary Poppins at 7pm. Unfortunately, we were at the Tate Modern until 5:30pm. The smart thing to do was to go straight to the show and eat around there. But I was adament on going to Brick Lane to get some good Indian food. Oh man, the people on the streets were to pushy and getting you into their restaurant. We got in one that promised quick food and 25% off. They didn't keep their promise and the food came at 6:30pm, leaving us a half hour to get to the theater on the opposite side of London.
Our hurried taxi ride there. I was so nervous to miss our show...
But we made it!
It was such a fun show and I like how they went beyond the movie to distinguish itself. I really liked how the entire audience got into the show and had so much energy. But it was definitely less formal affair than watching a show here. People left all their trash everywhere, and people were taking pictures throughout the show...
My favorite was the supercalifragilisticexpialidocious dance. While singing, they spelled out each letter with their hands. It was AWESOME. Watch:After the show, we scarfed down the Indian food we bought earlier and said goodbye to Jason. Walking back we found this pub...
Another view of Picadilly...