Saturday, December 30, 2006

Post Xmas Activities

Just a couple pictures of what I did post Christmas. Pictures freely stolen from Olivia and Joyce. Yay for Olivia visiting the Bay Area. I hope she had a great time here again, and sorry to say it was so cold here. Boo for the west coast being colder than the midwest or the east coast... On Christmas day, Olivia, Jeanie, her cousin Ryan and I drove up to see the city. Pretty much everything was closed except for Chinatown. One thing that stood out. Dick Lee's Pastry Shop. I wish Richard was there to see that.Lots of good stuff to buy in Chinatown. Little trinkets and such. Got myself a nice mug. Can't wait to drink more tea... I love being a FOB.Union Square in front of the Christmas tree. Too bad we didn't take a picture in front of the monstrous metallic menorah.Apparently, Tony Bennett painted this heart, since he left his there in San Francisco.Visiting the most crookedest street in the world.View of the city from the top of Lombard.The über rainy day after Christmas, the four of us with Joyce went up to Napa valley for some wine tasting. Plus we met up with Jess Lee there! The first stop was at the V.Sattui Winery, which was my favorite one of those we visited for several reasons. #1: FREE wine tasting. #2: FREE cheese and dipping sauce tastings. #3: A really nice deli to buy food. My favorite wine? The 2005 Dry Johannisberg Riesling.We stuffed ourselves and ate like peasants! There's nothing better than a fresh baguette with cheese and meats. The best was the aged gouda.Later, we headed over to the downtown area of St. Helena and went to several olive oil tasting bars. I could drink the oil forever. There was this one store where we tasted all these different marinades, sauces, jams, honeys, etc. I think Joyce had a field day in there. Later, we went up to the Beringer vinery. AWFUL WINE. BLECH. VOM. Plus, Joyce and I paid to taste too. Gross. There's a reason why I don't buy this cheap stuff. I think Trader Joe's 2 Buck Chuck is superior. This is a rainy picture of it there.We spent like 30 minutes analyzing this book. It's so useful learning about all the rules when eating at the dining table. One good lesson. When at the table, don't just sit there and look like a BUFFOON. Talk to the girl next to you. Or. While getting soup in the spoon, move in a direction away from you to prevent spillage. OR. Asparagus is eaten with FINGERS. This was so relevant for our dinner at Ristorante Allegria which was absolutely amazing. The ambience was beautiful. The location was amazing. The food was to die for. I got the Risotto Al Frutti Di Mare: with Prawns, Mussels, Scallops, Saffron, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Artichoke Hearts. YUM-O. Definitely recommend and would want to return.
Ahhhhhhh. Winter break is almost coming to a close. I don't want to go back.


JChang said...

my goodness!!! what a productive break you've had!!!! sounds like so much fun... i'm envious! except... rockefeller's tree is bigger. =o)

Dan said...

looks fun! i can never find the two buck chuck in MD though :( at least i didnt see them at the TJ in Towson and Rockville. (im guessing it would be a little more expensive than $2 here too...)