Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Must watch: Casino Royale

I'm sorry Martin! I feel so bad not watching thie movie with you. Oh MAN. So Tina, Mike and I headed on over to the AMC to watch Casino Royale. I've been DYING to see the new Bond in action. I'm not a huge action movie watcher, nor a Bond fan. I've seen several Bond movies (only those featuring the handsome Mr. Brosnan). When I first heard news that Bond was going blonde, I got a little excited. Maybe he'll bring new life in the role, besides the stereotypical egotistical icy role. Man oh man, did Daniel Craig deliver.And he has ASSETS to deliver. Every single scene he was in. JUST EXUDES SEX. Like Michelle said, "I was just lusting all over him". Hear hear to that. Previous Bonds. Yes they were cool. Yes they were handsome. But Mr. Craig here. I swear. He releases some sort of pheromone that just provokes a savage/animal hungry/I WANT YOU response. CANNOT WAIT for the next Bond movie. Finally get to know what this country is all about. Oh yeah. The girls are hot too.

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