Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Listen to: Camera Obscura, Popbytes!

So, I've been linking to all these cool indie music. Basically, I've been feeding off of my favorite music site, Stylus, for all these recommendations. You should definitely check that site out. Awesome new song for today:So I was listening to/watching the awesome Camera Obscura song, Jiyeon came over and said, I know them. I was like WHOAAAA. Here's a picture of her and the band!Jiyeon's the girl with the purse in the back. Apparently, she's close in touch with them because they have the Scotland connection. Awesome.

And guess what. I've been linked on one of my favorite pop blogs, Popbytes! This is SO EXCITING! I read his site religiously, and so should you. I'm an Super Awesome Pop Blog!Why am I in medical school? And why am I not studying for the exam tomorrow. AGH! Back to penile and clitoral stimulation. Just for fun. Things I learned today in lecture:
*clitoral erection. only tip of the iceberg.
*androgens don't increase the size of your penis after development
*but it can increase the size of your clitoris.
*ejaculate/climax can be achieved with out penile/clitoral erection
*the flaccid penis has CONTRACTED smooth muscle
*during stimulation, the uterus elevates towards the rectum and the clitoris retracts!
*the French have REALLY helpful anatomy diagrams of your genitals

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tb said...

wow cool ur linked! i always go to your site for new vids. hehe.