Saturday, December 23, 2006

Go watch Babel!!

Wow. Please watch this movie. Now making comparisons with this movie to Crash would be too quick and easy. But this is so much more raw/real/superior than that piece of overrated trash that won Best Picture.Apparently, the story of Babel is about a tower called Babel built to the sky so people could reach the heavens. This angered the gods, crashed the Babel and caused people to not understand each other. Apparently that is the reason why we have different languages. And that's the whole theme of this movie. The power of miscommunication.This movie had me on the edge of my seat the entire two and a half hours. My heart was racing so much. This movie just twists and turns in every direction possible. And who knew you could connect Japan, Mexico, LA and Morocco all in one. The best performances are by Adriana Barraza who plays the Aurelia, the Mexican-American nanny and Rinko Kikuchi, who's the sexually repressed mute-deaf Chieko. Oh yeah. Brad Pitt, Cate Blanchett and Gael Garcia Bernal are hot too. I smell Oscar!
edit: here's the clip of one of my favorite scenes in the movie. the part at the club is HOTT. I love the "September/Joker" mashup.I wanna go clubbing.


Amir Tusher said...

i liked this movie. but i really really liked casino royale. enjoy your holidays!

NeoPeo said...

GUH. DENNIS. This movie was ::gag::. No likey. ::shakes head::. Too disjointed. Though I agree that the Japanese girl's performance was AMAZING.