Sunday, December 17, 2006

Give it on up for Homelessville

During sophomore year, Judy and I fell in love with Justin's SNL episode. Every sketch was classic. One our favorites was this:I'm pissed I can't find entire clip. Stupid copyright infringements!

So apparently, yesterday's episode of SNL was hosted and performed by JT again! damn it! I missed it. Luckily, there are clips online. And the best followup sketch. "Christmas isn't about Santa kicking the cup o' soup in the croutons!!" Here's the link. edit: thanks Judy for finding this!

Man. I want his dick in a box.

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Judy said...

Oh dear. That was pretty freakin' hilarious. My favorite part was when they were describing how to do it. ONE. TWO. THREE. Haha.