Sunday, November 12, 2006

Done. and bliss at Trader Joe's

These past two weeks was INTENSE. To summarize, studying for an exam that basically took the entire day from 9am to 4pm and covered topics of anatomy/histology/integument, skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular, nervous, lymph systems/embryology/endocrinology was nothing like I've ever done before. I heard someone say that this is worse than the MCAT or any final exam she has every taken. And it was true. The material was all over the place, and learning all these details = CRAM CRAM CRAM.

But thankfully, it's over! w00t! Definitely a new game plan will be set in motion for this next unit. I'm not sure what that'll be, but studying for this past exam was not effective. Writing flashcards for each lecture was helpful at the time. But it took so long to make them and it has given me carpel tunnel. Plus I bearly looked at the cards after I made them. I'm thinking of going back to writing the extra material on the syllabus and studying from there. I liked Jefferson's idea of making an excel spreadsheet of all the material that I don't know. But definitely. Studying has to be a lot more effective for this unit.

On a lighter note, I think I got the best present ever for the test. The new Trader Joe's just opened only a couple blocks away on Ontario between Wabash and Rush. Tears streamed down my face while I entered the store. Seeing those classic red shopping carts and Hawaiian shirts brought me back to California.

I stocked up on ALL my favs. Ginger cat cookies FOR PEOPLE. Dried granny smith apple rings. Frozen white corn kernals. $5.99 bag of 10 chicken breasts. 3 buck chuck! (sigh, not $2) I could go on and on and on about all their products. Went twice yesterday. I think I'll go again today!

Why isn't Kylie performing in the US????? She needs to bring her show to the states. I'm sure there's a HUGE following. Sigh. Look who dropped on by at her 2nd show during her Homecoming tour. SO. JEALOUS.

And I am the worst friend ever! STACY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


peo said...

Hey Dennis. Thanks for the study tips. Duuuude I'd better enjoy my last few months of freedom.

Spikedsoymilk said...

how about typing up a study sheet?
cornell notes are great too.

Spikedsoymilk said...

how about cornell notes?