Thursday, November 30, 2006

Coolest Music Video EVER

I've always been a fan of Michel Gondry. Hey, Björk made him famous. Plus he did Eternal Sunshine. I've always liked his music videos from Bachelorette by Björk to Star Guitar by Chemical Brothers to Come into my World by Kylie. But this video is just mind boggling COOL. Watch:
And now see how they made it: AMAZING.

Listen to: Ciara - The Evolution

I'm so impressed with Ciara's new album. So different from her debut. No more crunk & B. And, SOoo much better than Gwen's new CD. Such a disappointment. Go listen to it here here. Even though it's old, I love this video. That part with the mic is the best.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Soundtrack to My Life

Thanks Rob for making me procastinate.

If your life were a movie, what would the soundtrack be?

So, here's how it works:
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie.

Opening Credits: "Party" by Nelly Furtado

Waking Up: "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" by Kylie Minogue

First Day of School: "You Don't Bring Me Flowers" by Barbara Streisand and Neil Diamond

Prom: "C'mon" by Junior Senior

Falling in Love: "Love or Lust" by Ken Hirai

Fight Song: "Secret Smile" by Semisonic

Breaking Up: "Sweet the Sting" by Tori Amos

Wedding: "The Unforgettable Fire" by U2

Driving: "On Your Own" by Nick Lachey

Life: "Only Heart" by John Mayer

Birth of Child: "Crosses" by Zero 7

Mental Breakdown: "Get It Together" by Seal

Flashback: "Just a Little Bit of Love" by Celine Dion

Final Battle: "I Want Love" by Elton John

Death Scene: "What Goes Around... / ...Comes Around Interlude" by Justin Timberlake

Funeral Song: "Silent Night" by Charlotte Church

End Credits: "La Luna Che Non C'È (The Moon That Is Not There)" by Andrea Bocelli

Wow. It's cool how a lot of it matched really well...

Thanksgiving Break in Baltimore and NYC

Skipping several classes, I decided to go with Dan to Baltimore and NYC over Thanksgiving break. Going from Chicago to Baltimore is about 750 miles and it took us about 11 hours. Pretty good timing, especially most of the driving took place in pitch dark blackness. This picture is Indiana, aka the Main Street of the Midwest, cuz everyone just drives through it to go to other states. It was cool having Dan's Blackberry hooked up to his laptop, so I could blog/chat/wikipedia stuff on the drive over. Definitely made the drive shorter.Arrived in Baltimore 3am on Tuesday morning! I stayed over at Jess Lee's apartment. We caught up on life and talked until sunrise. So tired. Stacy: we missed you. But sleeping in your room, I definitely got your essence. That sounds freaky. Things around campus have big changes changes. I was a total tourist, but I had to take the picture of the new JHMI shuttle stop in front of Uni One. The shuttle stop is SO CLOSE now. No more running to Shriver to catch the bus.
The Den! This new bar/lounge is on top of Nifty Fifties. I liked it before I went because it's my name. We went there on Tuesday night. Pretty swanky place. REALLY good music and we were all fawning over the HOT dj. The white chocolate martini and gin martinis were GUDE.The masterpiece is finally built. Charles Commons is SO nice. I went in and saw the new dining rooms and apartments available. These kids are too spoiled now.This is the inside of the bookstore. We finally have a REAL bookstore, not some shack of a basement.Chipotle is on St. Paul now, right next to a Starbuck's. Finally a Starbucks. Baltimore was the only city I've visited where there are no Starbucks. There are more Starbucks on the Ohio Turnpike, than the city of Baltimore. I feel like after all the construction is completed, there will be so much to do around campus. I really hope they add the Panera and Coldstone next to it. The freshmen are going to be SO FAT. Muahaha.Terrace! Oops. Now it's called Fresh Food Cafe. It looks like a real restaurant or dining location, instead of a crappy cafeteria. I'm sure the food is so much better after Aramarc moved in.That night, I tried to gather everyone who was still in Baltimore for dinner at Bertha's Mussels. And it was a huge success. Seeing all 15 people living around Baltimore. It was cool to see all the different directions everyone was going after graduation. Definitely missed Andrea and Rich!Jess Lee and Jen!
Group shot.
Sudip! Alice! Vi! Olivia! I'm having a seizure apparently.
Olivia! Jess! Mark!
Burton! Richard!!
That night, I stayed over at Vi's and Olivia's apartment. The Park Charles is so nice. They have an awesome view too. Their Christmas tree was very festive. Too bad I couldn't hang out with them more. They're so busy with work and had to leave for Thanksgiving. Olivia: I'll see you in San Jose this winter break! Can't wait!
The next morning, Vi (thanks Vi!) dropped me off at the med school to see Sudip and Will, my suite-ys. They're so awesome, going to Hopkins med. The program there is so different from Northwestern. They don't have units and aren't doing an organ systems approach. They just focus on one subject at once. So basically, immunology for 3 weeks, and only immunology. Right now they just started anatomy, and they are going to do anatomy until February. It sounds like an awesome program (c'mon it's Hopkins), but I prefer studying organ system by organ system and doing the histology, anatomy and science of the organ system, rather than doing all of histology or anatomy at a time. I can't imagine spending 5-7 hours in the anatomy lab. I saw the Hopkins anatomy lab, it's definitely different. They have cool flourescent lamps to see the structures better. But the cadavers aren't in covered metal tanks like here. They're just out in the open, covered with a sheet. Spooky.
For lunch, I had to go back to my favorite Indian buffet at Mughal Garden. Good to catch up on life with Sudip and Mark. Yum-o. Ok. Sudip has the most amazing apartment. Living in the Standard is SO RITZY. Look at his lobby. It's like a fancy museum. It was good talking to Sudip and I'm so happy he's enjoying Hopkins.
Later that afternoon, I hung around the bookstore, waiting for Jess Lee to return from class. It was good to talk to Jeremy too! He showed me around the bookstore and Charles commons. Going back to Hopkins House made me sad. The nice lobby is all torn down and turned into bits. Boo.
Mindy came down from Boston! Glad to see her! I hope Harvard is going well for her. I have so much more respect for dental students now. They have to exactly the same amount of work as medical students, but MORE. They have dental classes on top of medical classes. I don't know how they do it. It's insane. Later that night, Joyce, Jess deLeon, Jess Lee and I went out to the Den and Brewer's Art. As I mentioned, the Den is pretty fancy. It reminded me of Bed in Sex and the City with all the beds. Plus the dj was awesome. But I totally missed Brewer's Art. It was the busiest I've ever seen it. I guess pre-Thanksgiving drinking is big. But they don't have the Proletary anymore. That was my beer at Brewer's art. So SAD. Had the Festivus, which was good. But not the same. And got totally trashed that night. I missed Baltimore!
Groggy eyed and with a headache, the show must go on! Jess and I started cooking for Thanksgiving at 9am. Here is the turkey stuffed with veggies.
Here is the after. Yummmmmm! I <3 Thanksgiving. It was just as good as last year's, or even better. The meat was so juicy and flavorful. Brining is the SECRET to the best turkey.
So the menu was (clockwise): Roasted turkey. Stuffing with bacon and apples. Quiche. Cranberry sauce. Gravy. Mashed potatoes. Sweet potato fries. California rolls. Not pictured: 2 reds/2 white wines. Pumpkin pie. Pistachio pumpkin roll cake. Thanks Janet for making sushi. It was really DELISH.
So this year, it was more of a muted affair with only 6 people. Janet! Jess Lee! Rex! Jen! Joyce! We miss you Eiline. You were the fourth member of our California Thanksgiving team, but I'm sure you had just as much fun in Ohio ;-).
Jess doing the honors of slicing the first cut.
Wishbone. The bone wasn't dry enough to snap. I let Jess Lee win. OMG. The food was soo good. I'm glad i starved myself. We at at 3pm. 6pm. 10pm. The eating never ended. And wasn't Ugly Betty and Grey's Anatomy so good? We were at the edge of our seats. SO GOOD. Later that night, I met up with the crew at Carlyle. Good to talk to Jeremy, Gautami, David, Ricky and Jeff again. I hope Jeff gets better after breaking his clavicle. Oh man. Get well soon!
Friday morning. Black Friday. But no shopping for us. Bidding farewell to Jess Lee, Hopkins House and Baltimore, Dan, Joyce, Rex and I headed up to NYC. We were surprised. No traffic at all. I guess everyone was at all the malls. Before heading into the city. We stopped by Burton's place to have lunch with him in New Jersey. Keith: we'll have lunch soon enough! Tell me when you get into Chicago! Oh man, we had GOOD Korean food too. We ate at SoGongDong at Fort Lee. YUM. The best soondubu and galbi EVER. I give props to you Burton and your K-Town New Jersey ness. After taking a 30 minute bus into the city, I arrived in Port Authority to meet Mike!! So awesome studying architecture at Columbia. I hope the semester gets better and the next professors are better than the current bitchy one. He knew about an art gallery showing in midtown called 460 degrees. Here are some pictures of the exhibit.
Everyone got free cds, booklets and Izze sparkling juice! I've always wanted to try that stuff. Meh. Not that impressed. It was good just to catch up with Mike and see how the city is treating him.
Walking in the city, I DEFINITELY missed NYC. The city is so different from Chicago. I used to say that it was very similar but it really isn't. Maybe it was the extra business of Black Friday, but it was a very different feel. The city is so much bigger and seems like so much is happening at once. Every borough you enter, different sights to see. Definitely want to come back here. I wonder what it's like living in the city. So walking over to SoHo, we found the Aldo sale shop. THIS WAS THE GOLD MINE OF ALL SHOPPING. Every single item was 50% off. I should have gotten more shoes, but it was pure madness.
H&M move over. I have found my new love. It is called Uniqlo ユニクロ. It just opened its largest store in the world in Manhattan, and I just stumbled upon it. Apparently, it is the H&M of Japan but they specialize in sweaters, t-shirts and blazers. Think of wool/cashmere sweaters from Banana, with all the colors of American Apparel, and the prices similar to H&M. It was crazy. THEY BETTER BUILD ONE IN CHICAGO.
ooooh. so pretty. I want to go back. NOW.
I suggested Mike and I eat at St. Mark's Place because there is always good stuff to eat there. And guess what, we went back to the place where I had bull penis. Unfortch, they didn't have the erotic menu today. So sad.
I think we ordered way too much food. But the food was so cheap! Clockwise: tonkatsu, sashimi platter, yaki udon, edemame, grilled mackerel, oysters, okonomiyake. My favorite? The okonomiyake.... Jefferson, you have to make that again. PLEASE.
Before meeting up with Dan, I had to see the new glass cube Apple store on 5th ave. SO PRETTY.
The elevator is so awesome.
Goodbye NYC. I'll miss you.
We headed back to Burton's place, so we could leave early. We ended up starting our trip around 7:30 in the morning and arrived back in Chicago 10.5 hours later. Pretty good timing since it's a longer drive from NYC to Chicago. I had the privilege of driving Dan's sports car in Ohio. Man, driving that car is SO FUN. Too bad, the number of cops was scary. I couldn't go above 80. Sad. This Thanksgiving was awesome. Now on to work. Sigh.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006


While IMing Martin, he said that I was in BFE. Yeah. I don't understand why it's called that. Ask Martin.

But I'm not in BFE! I'm in Altoona, PA! Where Wayne Hippo is Altoona's mayor. Yeah. I <3 24 hour Starbucks and their green tea lattes.

Monday, November 20, 2006


We just entered Pennsylvania. I hate Ohio. Stupid police cars at every single mile. The moment we went got off from Indiana to Ohio, stupid police car pulled us over. Indiana speed limit is 70. But Ohio is 65, and Ohio doesn't have the decency to tell us. Oh well. I hate Ohio. We still love you Richard.

In Ohio, Exit 140

Yeah. I'm typing this on Dan's laptop in the car, driving in Ohio, going at 75 mph. Yeah. Insane. Dan has an awesome Blackberry that you can connect to the laptop and get unlimited internet service. What we're using to keep us awake, is wikipedia-ing every single city we see and noting their unique characteristics.

Note: Kipton, OH.
Kipton is a village in Lorain County, Ohio, United States. The population was 265 at the 2000 census.

Kipton was the site of a famous train wreck on April 19, 1891, which was caused by railroad engineers' watches not being in sync and led to the adoption of stringent quality-control standards for railroad chronometers in 1893.

Yeah. We are NERDS. Hopefully we'll be in Baltimore by 3am. We'll see how it goes. On the road later on. Check for more updates.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Guts, Movies, Spelling Bee, Listen to: Girls Aloud

Calvin and Hobbes is so relevant to medical school. This week, we dissected the abdominal wall. At first thought, I was disgusted. One small incision in the intestine or colon, then we're screwed with dealing with the smell of feces. But it just got cooler and cooler. Similar to the hearts and lung, just having the intestines, somach, liver on your hand. So cool. Too bad the mesentery prevents the intestines from spewing all out of your body like Calvin's.

So I saw two new movies that came out last week.Yes. Borat. I've seen these pictures of this Middle Eastern looking man in a god-awful swimsuit for the past year and always wondered who he was. Now I know. Ali G playing Borat. Wow, I don't think I've seen a movie more offensive but distubingly funny. The last offensive movie I saw was Team America. But that was just plain stupid. Despite the awfulness/awkwardness, at least Borat really made you think what the state of the nation is still like today. Southern upper class trying to welcome their new immigrant neighbors. College frat boys when drunk still as racist and sexist as ever. And who could ever for get that hotel wrestling scene. -_-. Watch it if you really want to. Or just save it until you can rent it.
After that insanity, I watched Stranger than Fiction. Michelle had been going on and ON about the movie since the end of summer. It finally came out, and it was a pretty good movie. I was expecting a pretty depressing movie and that was what I got. This movie was made for english majors. Lots of literary analysis. Lots of famous people, too: Dustin Hoffman, Emma Thompson, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Queen Latifah, Kristin Chenowith, and Buster from Arrested Development! Will Farrell was awesome. Go see it for the actors and cool plot. Again, another movie to save for DVD unless you really wanted to see it.
Jiyeon's friend from Emory has a sister who was in the Chicago production of The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee playing at the Drury Lane Theater at the Water Tower Place 2 blocks away. We got awesome seats for a good price and the musical was amazing. It was really funny, and the best part was that Jefferson was one of four to be on stage. And he won too! Jefferson aka George Stephanopoulos lookalike spelled better than the other four and had to be kicked off the stage because he kept spelling the words right. It must have been awesome. Half of the play, he was on the stage. The music wasn't that memorable, but it definitely had its moments of pure knee slapping funniness. You guys should definitely check out the show. Especially since the theater was basically half packed and there's always lottery tickets available for every showing.
Anyways, Jiyeon's friend's sister, Christine Werny, played Logainne Schartzandgrubenierre, aka the blonde girl with braids, a lisp and had two overbearing daddies. On the picture above, she's #1 with the blue blazer and red pants. After the show, we all headed to the Cheesecake Factory with her and got to know her better. I totally was starstruck. Got her autograph and everything. So cool!

So many new CDs are out! I'm obsessed with the new Bloc Party album. Not as good as their debut, but still really good. But the Girls Aloud greatest hits are out! I can't stop listening to one of their unreleased songs, "Singapore". Listen:

Happy 24th Birthday Jefferson!

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Done. and bliss at Trader Joe's

These past two weeks was INTENSE. To summarize, studying for an exam that basically took the entire day from 9am to 4pm and covered topics of anatomy/histology/integument, skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular, nervous, lymph systems/embryology/endocrinology was nothing like I've ever done before. I heard someone say that this is worse than the MCAT or any final exam she has every taken. And it was true. The material was all over the place, and learning all these details = CRAM CRAM CRAM.

But thankfully, it's over! w00t! Definitely a new game plan will be set in motion for this next unit. I'm not sure what that'll be, but studying for this past exam was not effective. Writing flashcards for each lecture was helpful at the time. But it took so long to make them and it has given me carpel tunnel. Plus I bearly looked at the cards after I made them. I'm thinking of going back to writing the extra material on the syllabus and studying from there. I liked Jefferson's idea of making an excel spreadsheet of all the material that I don't know. But definitely. Studying has to be a lot more effective for this unit.

On a lighter note, I think I got the best present ever for the test. The new Trader Joe's just opened only a couple blocks away on Ontario between Wabash and Rush. Tears streamed down my face while I entered the store. Seeing those classic red shopping carts and Hawaiian shirts brought me back to California.

I stocked up on ALL my favs. Ginger cat cookies FOR PEOPLE. Dried granny smith apple rings. Frozen white corn kernals. $5.99 bag of 10 chicken breasts. 3 buck chuck! (sigh, not $2) I could go on and on and on about all their products. Went twice yesterday. I think I'll go again today!

Why isn't Kylie performing in the US????? She needs to bring her show to the states. I'm sure there's a HUGE following. Sigh. Look who dropped on by at her 2nd show during her Homecoming tour. SO. JEALOUS.

And I am the worst friend ever! STACY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Sunday, November 05, 2006


ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! my parents and Kevin got a new dog. isn't she SO CUTE? i'm so jealous. i wanna go home NOW. stupid test!