Monday, October 23, 2006

Listen to: J.J. Fad, Fergie, Gwen, Medical Spanish

Fergie's awesome new single finally has a video. I love her new album and this single is HOTT. Fergie is so UNclassy. I love her.
Apparently, Fergalicious is based on this classic 80s song, "Supersonic" by J.J. Fad (aka Just, Jammin' Fresh an' Def).Again. Full of CLASS. Every single moment of that video is just pure comedy. I can't stop watching it.

Also, Gwen's new single "Wind Up". Download it here. Oh man. Everyone thought Hollaback Girl was ANNOYING. But that was like the best single EVER. But I might have to say this is a little annoying, even for my taste. Listen to it and see what you think. You think "Lonely Goatherd" plus Gwen would be magic. But I dunno... Well I hated "London Bridge" at first, so we'll see how I like it after a few spins.

Medical Spanish started today. Oh man, I don't know if I can retain all this vocabulary, on top of all the antomy that we'll have to learn. I guess I should study more of this. But it's awesome that they have a class for us to learn Spanish. That was one of my greatest regrets in college, not learning a new language. Spanish is so useful anywhere you go. I should have learned more when I went to Ecuador, but all I learned was "¿Cuánto cuesta?" or how much is it? Sad huh? Yay for bargaining with 5 year olds who had to consult their parents after I cut down the price of a shawl from $20 to $5. Ok, must learn! Buenos días. Me llamo Dennis! ¿Cómo está usted? Yo hablo un poquito español. Soy estudiante de medicina. Mucho gusto de conocerlo. ¿Dónde le duele? Me siento mal. Relájese. :'(


tb said...

wow ur learning spanish! thats so cool!!! that anatomy blog was kinda gross tho... eww...

superstar said...

good motion picture