Saturday, October 14, 2006

Joffrey Ballet: Cinderella, Chinatown, NURD: Potbelly's, Phoenix, Vanity

Elizabeth, this post is dedicated to you.

On Friday, we all made ourselves beautiful and skipped on over to the Joffrey Ballet. It was their final weekend of performances of Cinderella, which apparently Joffrey Ballet was the only American company to perform the work. So, I guess the Joffrey is really good. Apparently I'm SWINE to the ballet.

I don't think I appreciate ballet as well as everyone else did. I'm like it's cool, they dance so well, and oooh pretty costumes. It's probabaly because there isn't any dialogue, so I was confused half the time. Plus my mind definitely drifted every other minute. Besides that, it was really pretty, and made me want to watch the Disney version. Again, I'm considered SWINE.

What does the bassoon sound to you guys? I really like the bassoon parts in Prokofiev's music. I said the bassoon sounded like HONK-HONK-HONK. AGAIN. Me = SWINE. Here is what a real bassoon sounds like.

Before the show, we all ate at Potbelly's and apparently it was the only NURD outing for me. For some reason, I have yet to eat at this Quiznos-but-cheaper type sandwich place. Pretty good too. I got the chicken salad sandwich on the toasted wheat bun. I should start giving rankins to my NURD-ness, so I give this a B+.

We took a lot of pictures before, during and after the show. And I mean LOTS of pictures. It was insane.
Us waiting for the bus. I was leaning back for some reason. I thought it would make me look taller. Failure.Michelle and Martin were taking pictures in the bus. She always missed the shutter for the camera, so she's looks like a ghost.
In celebration for Breast cancer awareness month, that red building had the ribbon lit up on all four sides. Pretty.
View of the stage.
Michelle led us through Millennium Park at late night. Crown fountain is REALLY pretty at night, with all the lights.
We tried throwing things in the air under the bean, to see how tall it was. The inner surface of the bean is REALLY HIGH.
Back at Martin's place, we abused his camera. Michelle isn't very happy.
Ok. Bennett college is seriously the best. But we all tried on the Dresner college jackets because us Bennett-ers make their jackets beautiful.

Martin and Amy reperforming Cinderella.
So hott.
I present you the model Jefferson Jones.
Amy + Dennis + Camera = AWKWARD.
All hail Pres. Martin.
Michelle's weird.
Squishy face.
Did some pilates Martin's place.
Amy was not comforted in Michelle's bosom.

Today, we all took the train down to Chinatown since Michelle wanted to get some grocery shopping done. I attempted to eat dim sum again, and this time I liked it! I've been to 5 previous dim sum places, and hated each time. But this time, the food was actually good. The restaurant is called Phoenix, and is apparently the best Chinese restaurant in Chicago, according to some plaque they had on the wall. Definitely would go back. Grade: B+

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anna =) said...

omg dennis... you look incredibly happy and healthy for a med student! =) i miss your pilates instruction and potbelly's (they have 'em in DC).