Sunday, October 29, 2006

food, food, Nuzzarello, and more food. plus Mark!

Wow. It's been a week and i haven't posted up anything. Need to update! Thank you to Amy for some of the pictures! And Neil, this post is for you ;-).

Tuesday.The AMA sponsored an event at Lucky Strike. Free bowling. Free appetizers. Free liquor. Not one second of hesitation to go. And wow, the place was so nice. It was the fanciest bowling alley I've ever been to. It was like Dave and Busters to the max. Apparently it's like $80 to bowl there an hour. But it was insane. The screens were widescreen and even told you how fast the ball went down the alley.I got my fair share of grey goose martinis. Nothing compares to free high quality liquor.

Thursday.So yes. I've joined Phi Rho, the fraternity that's like the fellowship part of APO. The initiation dinner was that night and it reminded me a little of APO initiation, but a lot more loose. We were supposed to be blind folded an all that, like APO, but whatever. A gong was supposed to be rung in the middle of the initiation but that was thrown aside. We all ate at Sayat Nova, and Armenian restaurant. I was expecting kababs and hummus. And that's what we got, but the food wasn't that great. The hummus was amazing, so smooth and subtle. The baba ganoush was a little lack luster. The chicken kabobs were tasty and flavorful, but the meatballs tasted like farm. Plus the "baklava" was in the shape of toquitos and was very dry. Grade: C -> proceed with caution.

Our hot M1 band, Nuzzarello, performed that night at Goose Island, and they were HOTT. Amy, Michelle and I were screaming like little girls for the band. We would've thrown our underwear at them, but that would be wrong.Their set was 5 songs, and one of them was an original. It was my favorite. It was about a love long lost, that took place during recess. Perfect subject for emo.I loved the spiders that were on Dave and Wael's crotches. Perfect. I hope they won the competition.And haven't you noticed that the drummers in EVERY band is the sexiest? Well, Nuzarello was no exception. I take dibs on Jefferson's babies.Ryan and I are obviously aroused in the presence of a certain drummer.Nik and I after the show. Happy Birthday Nik on Halloween!Martin and I in our sexy model pose.I <3 Erica! I need more pictures with her :-D.Jiyeon and I on our way back home. So tired. We need to see your awesome apartment. Clean it up! :-P.

Saturday.Mark's in town for the weekend and we all (Jessica, Pam, Dan, Cici and I) had lunch at Giordanos, aka awesome Chicago deep dish pizza. Grade: B+. (I've had better Giordano's pizza delivered.) The wait for it was SOOOOO LONG. Damn those tourists. It was good to see Mark in town and hang out with everyone. After we all headed out to Millennium Park because it was so beautiful day out, an amazingly warm 40 degrees. You can see awesome pictures we took at Dan's site.
Later that night, we all had a belated birthday dinner for Amesika at Buca di Beppo.I want to say thanks to Sika for taking everyone out for an awesome dinner. It was a family style restaurant where you share all the food, but the food and price isn't as great as Carmine's in NYC. That is the ultimate Italian family style restaurant. Grade: B-. And we all sat in the Pope room.It was a little disturbing eating in a room full of pictures of the Pope and the Pope staring at you while you eat. I like how that picture has Amy's disturbed face on the Pope's chest. We all played the game that's similar to telephone that Alice taught me during microfabrication lab. It's where you write a sentence, and the next person has to draw the sentence. Then the next person has to write the sentence by looking at the picture, without looking at the first sentence. For some perverse reason, it went from "The Pirate Queen is on stage downtown" to "The couple lives on the farm". In the middle, there were pictures of sword fights, hairy bodies, penis peeing contests involved.

Sunday.The same crew who went to Giordano's went out for sushi at Sushi Para II that night. And man, it sure was good. It was sushi buffet for only $16.99. You can order as much as you want, and the sushi was DAMN good. I wish I had pictures of it, cuz we got HUGE dishes of sushi. My favorites were the Spider roll (soft shell crab tempura, tobiko, cucumber) and the Pop up roll (spicy salmon, crab, shrimp, cucumber, avocado, tempura chip adn topiko on top). YUM..... Grade: A-But the highlight of the night was ice cream. Coming out of the restaurant, I could not take in one more bite of food. But ice cream? I guess there was room for ice cream. Next door, there was this place called Treats: Frozen Desserts. I think it's supposed to be like Tasty Delight, where the ice cream is 99% fat free.And OMG, this ice cream was to die for. I got the vanilla, but when I tasted Dan's strawberrry.... I literally died. I NEED TO GO BACK FOR MORE. Too bad the closest one is in Lincoln Park. If anyone wants to go, we can take the Children's Memorial Hospital bus and get off. LET'S GO.

Eating sushi reminded me of this video. HILARIOUS: Mah mah mah mah.... Oh toh toh toh toh. LOL.


Jessica said...

omg...please share your band w/ me!!! i just want one of the dudes...any dude will can have the rest... ;-)

peo said...

:: wiggles eyebrows ::. man dennis. you're having so much fun. so my brother and i have started a weekly westwood food evaluation thingy a la nurd. we do it cuz we're lazy tho.