Thursday, October 12, 2006


wow today was long and intense!

reasons why?
1. It snowed. It fucking snowed. I already wrote about this, so i won't go into it. I thought there was going to be a slight chance of snow. NOPE. Walking out of lecture, little white tufts were gracefully landing every which way or another. I have a grave feeling this winter will be 3948502 times colder than last year's mild winter.

2. Anatomy preview was today. It was exciting to finally start this part of med school, cuz isn't this one the defining factors of going to medical school? Exciting but apprehensive at the same time. The smell was pretty noxious, but I think what's worse is just the thought of cutting up people. Turns out in Illinois that your family members have to pay for transport to have your body donated for medical school purposes. Isn't that outrageous? Shouldn't the school or the Anatomical Gift Association pay for it? I mean hasn't the family dealt enough? Why would they have to pay an expense? I just don't think that's right. I'm excited to have an awesome group and we're going to start on Monday. Sounds exciting. Some left early, but a couple of us opened our tanks to get a chance to see the cadaver for our group. The person who donated their body was a 74 year old woman. We'll see how the first week goes!

3. In other news, Oprah and Bono were in town AGAIN. And I missed it! Stupid school getting in my ways to stalk celebrities. This time, they were at the Apple store (only 3 blocks away!) promoting the RED campaign and the new red iPod nano. Check it out more here.

4. Chicago is in running for the 2016 Olympics and I'm excited because the logo is AWESOME. The flame represents the unforgettable Chicago skyline. The green represents the awesome parks around the city. And the blue is Lake Michigan and Chicago River. I personally think the green is the river.

5. New Justin video. Reasons why to watch? JT and TI are hot. People with initials are HOTT.


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