Thursday, October 05, 2006

Crunch time.

I don't think I've ever felt like I was ever trying to be a "good student" until this exam. I've never looked at lectures the day we went over them. I've never gone through lectures double/triple times and made flashcards detailing every single structure/signal transduction/disease. I've never been in the library this often until it closes. Until now.

But I guess it all changes when you're in med school. It is true that the volume of information that you are required to learn seems endless. I'll definitely be better at this and on top of things after this exam.

Studying at the law library sure does help. The view here is amazing. While you study, you get to see waves crashing against the pier. Right now, I see dones of sailboats sailing around the lake. Horse buggies and joggers roaming the streets. Life outside is happening when you're stuck inside all day.

I really can't wait until 12pm tomorrow. It's nice that they're giving us continental breakfast before the exam. Plus the post-test party is going to be amazing. Girls get free shots all night, so I'm totally mooching.

I bought some snickers today for brain food tomorrow and it reminded me of JD and I during that MCAT summer.

But Mindy was right. We're used to studying for a huge exam, and getting a nice 2-3 week long break after it. But in two weeks, I'll be at this same vicious cycle again. Seems like it'll never end huh?

I was talking to Jess Lee and we were bonding how nice it must be for those who are working right now. Work is hard, we do acknowledge that, but coming home and relaxing is totally worth it. School blows because you're working during the day, and then work even harder during those times when you have to study.

This weekend is going to be amazing. No work to do and totally going to have an awesome time. There's a kayaking trip on Saturday, so that'll be fun.

This entry sounds like I'm under a lot of stress and going crazy. I'm not! I'm just venting. Can't wait to get drunk tomorrow.


Xtina said...

Ohh, good luck on your exams. The pre-exam breakfast sounds great and the post-exam party sounds awesome.

That view sounds very distracting though. My view is of the Caltrain station and trains.

Joyce said...

good luck!!!! and party hard!!!! wish i could be there to celebrate with ya =)

Dan said...

Good luck on your exams. im sure you'll be fine :)

I guess a good thing about getting drunk away from bmore is that you dont have to become a HERO call :P

peo said...

Oooooo Dennis! First test!! You're gonna kick MAJOR arse. I'll cross my toes for your success!

Amir Tusher said...

some people never get to 'relax' after work, or have weekends. but who's complaining? ok maybe me.

good luck =)