Thursday, October 19, 2006

Anatomy, Project Runway, Tangerine

Today marks the end of first week of anatomy. Now it really feels like we're in med school. No more of this two hour class days, where the rest of your day is full of idling, thumb twidling, and couch potatoing. Classes are in full swing and everyday is so busy. Classes in the morning. Anatomy/histology labs after that. Communications and ethics classes in the afternoons. Plus, I just got an email saying that medical Spanish is starting next week at night. Jess Lee told me that Northwestern was the clown college of med schools, but not anymore!

Anatomy is so much cooler and fun than I expected it to be. But honestly, it was due to the body of our cadaver. She was a nice skinny old woman who was well preserved.

Two BIG things make anatomy not enjoyable. FAT and UNPRESERVED BODIES. It seems like the majority of tanks receives cadavers full of fat. Half of the time, you're digging through that entire chunk, and it totally gets in the way of learning all the structures you need to learn that day. Plus the smell of fat is AWFUL. It seriously smells like vegetable oil mixed with Crisco. Not fun.

Several bodies were also not preserved properly. You can defiinitely tell that it was not preserved since it smells like super bad mold that really makes you wanna vomit. Not cool at all. Amesika's tank had to get their cadaver replaced because it smelled so bad. Their second body was even worse than the first. So I guess they're waiting for their third. Hopefully it'll work out for their group.

But my group is AWESOME. Everyone is seriously helping each other out learning all the 323,402,394 structures we need to know about the body. Also, a lot of people come to our cadaver to look at all the structures, so explaining it to them seriously makes us learn EVERYTHING.

The first day we studied all the muscles and vascular system of the chest. Cross sectioning the breast wasn't that fun. Yesterday, we did the same for the back. But today, we looked inside the spinal column and the cord. Seeing the back of the head really personalized the body, so I'll definitely be more traumatized when I see the face. It felt really awful chiseling (using a hammer and a HUGE chisel) her lamina of the vertebrae to reveal the spinal nerves underneath, but you gotta do it nonetheless. Definitely cool and always looking forward to lab. Just need to get that smell out of my system.

Did you guys see Project Runway last night? Again I'm totally wrong. For the second time, the person who I predicted as the worst designer won the the entire show. I did like Chloe's designs last year and she did deserve to win. But I preferred Santino's. This year, ULI'S was the best. She was robbed.

You should have heard Michelle and my expressions when we watched. We were both speechless. But our commentary throughout the runway was so funny. Lots of oooOOOOOOooooohs and aaaAAAAAAAaaaaahs and ewwwwwwwws and WTFs. Best part of the show? When the marketing director of Wal-mart asked Heidi if the designs would be sold at his stores. She just flat out LAUGHED. Best moment ever.

One last thing. You all have to download Tangerine. It is seriously like one of the coolest add-on programs for iTunes. If you know me, I go running pretty often. And I need high energy music for me to run for a long time. But you can also see me fumbling with my iPod, trying to search for good beat-heavy music to run too. This program solves all your problems. It analyzes all your songs of their BPM and their beat intensity. Then it makes a playlist depending on the length of the playlist, the BPM range and the beat intensity. SO SIMPLE! BUT SO COOL! Sorry, only for Macs folks.

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