Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Today was amazing! Northwestern has a great relationship with the Lyric Opera house in Chicago. There were 50 free tickets available to the dress rehearsal for the new production of Puccini's Turandot. Amy, Jefferson and I went off to the loop and saw the production.

If you guys don't know the story, here is the premise. A prince named Calaf from Tartary (what is now Mongolia) arrives in Peking, China and meets Turindot. Affected by her great beauty, he must marry her. However, 30+ suitors have already died in doing so. To gain her hand in marriage, one must answer her 3 riddles correctly. If you can't, you're beheaded. Calaf succeeds, however Turindot resists. Calaf offers Turindot a riddle in return saying that he will be executed if Turindot can name his name. In the end after several deaths opera style, Calaf and Turindot fall in love and "happily ever after".

The story: I hated it. Ugh. You really can't sympathize with Turindot at all. Amy and I called her the serial killer brat. Not cool at all. So many princes beheaded for her. Liu, a slave, was my favorite and she committed suicide for love. So sad! Ping, Pang, and Pong (I'm seriously not making this up) were the funniest. They seriously brought comic relief to the opera.

I also HATED the costumes and set. They seriously made it look like a circus. The sets were UGLY. Amy was right in saying that it was very Salvador Dali-like. Pure disgusting. Turindot had problems with her fugly dress. It was funny to see her kick her train around the whole stage. And Ping, Pang, and Pong were all in seriously clown costumes with white face paint. So not cool. They need to fix this.

But overall, the performances were great. Calaf and Liu were my favorite opera singers. So impressive. And the opera has like my favorite aria too, "Nessun Dorma" aka the one that Pavarotti made famous. I guess my expectations were high after seeing Eugene Onegin at the SFOpera. When Tina and I watched Eugene Onegin two Thanksgivings ago, I felt like I was transferred to the world of old Russia. With today's performance, I felt like I was watching really good performers on stage of a complete joke. But it was an awesome time. And it was free! Oooh, and we all got free $70 coffee table books. I love free!

But the Lyric Opera house was amazing! It was truly beautiful inside. If I remember correctly from the Chicago Boat tour, the building was built because the owner's daughter wasn't good enough for the NYOpera. So he built his own building, with the butt of the building facing east/NYC. Now Chicago opera singers still sing their backs to NYC.

Jefferson, Julie, Amy and Annie in front of the opera house.

A cool building in front of the opera house. I call it the Rubik's Cube building.

Now this building was awesome. It looked like a multi-tiered cake from the outside.

On the inside, it looked like this.

I can't take enough pictures of my favorite buildings in the city, the Marina City Towers.

Oh man, I'm so addicted to this new Fergie cd. I have bad taste.


Amir Tusher said...

the production on the fergie cd is awesome, but her voice is. ugh

the opera house looks soooo nice, soooo jealous!!! =)

delusionista said...
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delusionista said...

Ha ha... Just read your post on Turindot as it turned up on my Google search. My friend saw it here in London, UK, and due to your post, I want to know if her dress is just as "fugly"....

The Marina City towers are my Chi-town fav, even more than "The Bean"/Cloud Gate. If you ever come to London, Anish Kapoor has a sculpture here that reminds me of Ben Wa balls/Christmas decorations, etc. Maybe I should not have written that...It IS pretty, though. Ok, I'm going now...Cheers!