Tuesday, September 12, 2006

NURD: Volare

It's official. NURG is now called NURD (Northwestern University Restaurant and Dining). A better name thanks to Amy's suggestion. With this new name, a new restaurant to post. Michelle's boyfriend, Tim, was in town, so it was time for all of us to meet him. We had a great time and ate at Volare, a restaurant at St. Clair and Grand. Good service, pretty crowded for a Tuesday night (every table was taken) and excellent food. A little pricy though.
Amy's dish, some shrimp. She was expecting some pasta with it, but no. Sadness.

Jefferson's yum spaghetti with pancetta. I have no clue what Tim got in behind, but I'm guessing it had potatoes.

Mine was what I call risotto salmonella. YUM. It was really good.

Michelle got a clam pasta. Pretty fresh, with sand :).

Overall pretty good and recommended, but still a little pricy for my taste. I hate how everything in Streeterville is so expensive.

Oh man, did you guys see the iPods? I'm so tempted to get that shuffle. It's SOOOO SMALL! And it clips on to your clothes! And the new nanos look like minis. I still thing that the nano design is better. I guess these things will be selling like crazy. And Bradley is still the latest laptop to date :). We'll see how that is in a couple months.

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