Sunday, September 24, 2006

Listen to: Stephanie McIntosh "Mistake", Poppin' Indian Dudes, and Waxy Moles

Song of the moment right now. Plus it has the hot guy from Desperate Housewives. Must watch:

And I wanna pop like this dude:

SO FUCKING WEIRD huh? Confused? Translation: "The little guy is a famous impersonator/comedian/dancer. He asks for a cigaratte. For that the guy says "no you are to young" for that he replies "i only look small but i am 10 years older than you" (which is true). So he asks "what he will do if he doesnt give him one". For that he says "I will cut you into pieces". And he gives him the smoke." I love brown movies.

So I was catching up on one of my favorite blogs, and it made me realize that this blog shows nothing about being in med school. For all you may think, I could be just bumming around Chicago shopping all day and night on Michigan Ave. But alas, that is not the case. This past weekend, all I've been doing is studying. It's less than two weeks to our first exam, and everyone is in a hyper state of study mode. I've been neck deep in glycolysis, TCA cycle, cell cycle, Michaelis-Menton Goldman-Hodgeman-Katz Nernst equations, signal transductions GALORE. And I haven't gotten to apoptosis yet.

But studying tells no exciting stories. It seems like stories come from being in the clinic. (I emphasize the THE, because apparently in medical school, no one uses articles. All I hear is "Welcome to clinic...", "Sign up for clinic...", "I came from clinic...", "In clinic, I learned...". Why doesn't any one say "the clinic" or "a clinic"????)

Anyways, I digress. This week has been awesome due to one person: Dr. Lindquist, the geriatrics doctor I shadow. I'm thankful to Michelle for getting me involved in the geriatrics clinic. At first, I was like NO OLD PEOPLE FOR ME. But it's inevitable that I will be touching and feeling old people for the rest of my life, so why not start now?

Dr. Lindquist has a personality that just exudes fun. She comes in denim miniskirts with knee length suede lace up boots. Now, what isn't as fun as knee-length Pocahontas mocassin boots?!? Anyways, here is one of many incidents:

That SHIT means nothing.
Oooooh, I got a new fountain for my backyard!
Dennis, you gotta see her other fountain. It's a dog that pisses water. Isn't that GENIUS??!? My parents want to get a solar powered one, but you know, they don't make those.
Yeah, good luck finding those. Oooooh, I have pictures. Lemme show them to you Dennis.
Oh really? Cool!

Can't wait to see more old people (and outdoor paraphernalia) this week!

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Jack said...

lol. dog fountains?! wow i never imagined u would get into geriatrics dennis. sounds like fun :P