Friday, September 22, 2006

JD @ Chicago + NURD: Café Iberico

Yay! Jess was here earlier this week and I was so excited for her and her interview at U of Chicago. I'm sure she did well and I'm glad she loved the school. Here's hoping to her and to everyone else getting an interview at Northwestern!

That last pic was at Café Iberico. I new tapas would be a great place since JD went to Spain. She gave her approval since all the food was authentic. And the food was DARN good. Eggplant with veal. Quiche-like pie with potatoes and egg. PINCHO DE SOLOMILLO (Beef tenderloin skewer with fries and caramelized onions.) GAMBAS AL AJILLO: (Grilled shrimp with olive oil, garlic and wine). The sangria was amazing. All in all, one of the best restaurants I've been to here in Chicago. Cheap too! These dishes ranged $4-6. Definitely coming back. Wa-el, you too for sure.

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