Sunday, September 10, 2006

Classes, Intoxications and Lions!

Long weeklong post ahead!

So first week of classes have come and gone. Scratch that, two weeks of med school have passed. It's just that this feels like real med school. Five days a week, I have 8-10am classes called Structure-Function (aka hard-science courses). So far it's been great. Stuff we've seen so far, ie. water, carbohydrates, nucleic acids, proteins, enzymes, Michaelis-Menton, etc. Unfortunately, I feel like it's going to so much faster. I don't think I've ever study a lecture the day we learned it AND prepped for the lecture for the next day. Hopefully these study habits will stick, but I have a feeling it won't.

In the afternoon, we have Patients in Context, Communication Skills (starting next week), and Ethics classes twice a week. Those are pretty interesting, and I like the small group atmosphere. But so much pressure to talk in class and awkward silences. I really like my PBL group and Amy's in it too! I guess I'm glad I don't have Michelle's problem of PBL with some obnoxious people. We'll see what happens! I have to present my "learning issue" of blood tests. RBC, WBC, MCHC, hematocrits, galore!

Enough about classes, the fun! Thanks to Annie (I OWE HER HUGE), Annie, Amy and I had an excursion to a bakery, Ikea and Walmart. I basically begged and pleaded to go there because I needed more furniture in my apartment. (Before and after pics coming soon).

While we were at a Swedish Bakery store in Lincoln Park, we did an experiment. So one day, Amy and I went shopping on Mag Mile. We were testing what fragrances we liked in Sephora, and this one from D&G stood out. She sprayed it and it smelled great. 30 minutes later, I took a whiff in her direction, and I was like WHAT WAS THAT?!? The nice smell turned into a stench. We concluded that her body chemistry was just wrong for that fragrance = hypothesis 1.

Swing back to the bakery, we try a sample of Ralph Lauren Romance she had in her bag while waiting for Annie to buy her sweets. We both thought that the perfume smelled better on me than on her. Hypothesis 1 is about to get proven. We asked Annie what she thought, and she liked Amy's better. Sigh. Hypothesis 1 proved false. But what's the sensitivity of this supposed test? j/k.

Anyways, I got tons of stuff at Ikea. I had a field day. I wanted to get that REALLY nice coffee table Bobby had in Uni One, but it was WAY too heavy for me to carry. And it couldn't fit in the car, so it was not going to happen. Sadness. My favorite purchase are these huge glasses that I bought 6 for $6. They're like juice glasses but they're HUGE. Like a can of soda will fill 1/4 of it. Walmart was great, I promised that I would find everything that I need in 15 minutes and I accomplished that feat. Power shopping to the max.

We got back late, and we were late to the progressive party that a 3 awesome M1 apartments were having. It was awesome to see like the class, like 100+ people, pack into tiny studio apartments getting drunk. Apartment 1: tequila. Apartment 2: gin and tonics. Apartment 3: sangria. Things got more and more loose throughout the night and it was fabulous. Can't wait for more.

When I got back, I saw these HUGE boxes in my room. In my drunken state, I was like MUST BUILD NOW. Hopefully my coffee table and the new desk chair I'm sitting now won't distruct.
The other Amy had an awesome idea of going to the Lincoln Park Zoo, one of the last free zoos in America. Before that, Jefferson had the awesome idea of going to Millennium Park to watch some drumming before the zoo. It was amazing; there were like six stages across the entire park, filled with music. I saw some jazz and latino music stages. But we mostly stayed at the percussion stage, where everyone could grab instruments and jam along. It was a lot of fun, especially with my tambourine skills.
But we were there for Jean's posse. She apparently joined a Pungmul group and we had to see the performance. Since it was Korean, I felt like I should be cultured in such things so I tagged along with the crew. The drumming was awesome and it was cool to see the whole audience into it. I wanted to play the gong.

Jefferson, Amy and I met up with the other Amy at the zoo and it was a lot of fun. There were so many HUGE animals you can see up close. The lions were the most impressive. When they started roaring, it was ear shatteringly loud. The cheetahs looked calm and wise.

And there was this one monkey that loved this one blond girl and kept hitting the glass. I thought it was cute that it was playing a game with the girl. Other people were amused too. Jefferson and both Amys thought it was scary and aggressive. Apparently I'm low class for enjoying such things.

But several questions were raised. We lamented that Wikipedia isn't in mobile form.
Question 1: What animal is Rafiki?
A: A mandrill.
Question 2: Can goats really eat tin cans?
A: No.
I'm definitely coming back to the zoo.

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Amy said...

Awesome pictures of the zoo... the cats were sooo impressive!