Sunday, September 03, 2006


You guys are seriously the best.
mmm....our path to alcoholism

This past week, my birthday happened. And it was one of the best ever. Thursday was the longest day by far. Long classes and so many meetings to attend. After a failed interest in joining the MD/MPH program (more classes during nights and summers and $18000+ tuition), Amy, Michelle and I were out for dinner. I definitely wanted to check out the restaurants here in Chicago. They all look amazing. I had a craving for sushi, so that's where we went.
free mochi cake oysy gave after michelle's blatant hint to the waitress

Michelle knew of a place that was great, and it was called Oysy (in Nihongo, it means DEEEELICOIUS). At first I thought it was called Orgy, so I questioned Michelle's choice in restaurants. But it was better than I expected. Hip environment with really good sushi. And the drinks were amazing. Amy go the chocolatetini, Michelle the flirtini and moi, the pomegranitetini. Mine was way too strong, so that was perfect. The whole thing was great.
cake #2, love the rosettes on the cake guys... cuz you know i love angela

We then headed out to Michelle's apartment to watch the VMAs, which was a complete bore and a letdown. (Amy and I were snoozing by the end of the show. So over-hyped. Beyoncé's perfomance was the best.)
group picture!

In her living room, there were like 10 other M1s watching the show. I was like hi guys, I didn't know you guys were coming to watch too! Then came a tiny squeak of a "surprise". lol. I couldn't believe it. Oblivious me. Thanks guys for coming! It truly was a big surprise and it really meant a lot to me. It really because of you guys that made my birthday awesome. Plus the card is the icing on the cake. Thanks to all who signed it! Apparently the card was signed right in FRONT of my face during lecture. Good thing I'm that oblivious.
my cutting assistants are such dorks. sigh. i'm so embarassed.

Yesterday, Michelle and I were itching to go out. So we followed out big sibs to a bar in a really random location in Lincoln Park called Burwood Tap. All 7 of us squeezed in a taxi (I love Chicago taxi drivers and their lack of concern of the number of people in the car.) and headed for the open barness. Things were slow at first, but with some booze, this happened:

Today, I went running. It was a beautiful day. Running by the lake shore is seriously the best running track. I just need to steer clear of all the bicyclists and tourists in the way. And guess who I ran into while going to Grant Park. I randomly bumped into Hyun Su Kim from Hopkins in front of Buckingham Fountain (aka the fountain in Married with children). What are the odds? I knew he lived in Chicago, but it was so random running into him literally. I'm glad he's doing well and hope he gets into Northwestern Med too!

Like the new layout? Or you don't? Speak your mind.


Judy said...

Mmm, sushi. I like the new layout. I hope I see you soon!

Amir said...

awwww...are you gonna start a NWEC?

michelle said...

haahhaah, i look stoned in that first picture of burwood tap. :)

glad you enjoyed your birthday, and sorry it wasn't more of an actual SURPRISE surprise... ;) that's what the next three years are for. :D