Friday, September 29, 2006


Days until first test:



anyways, if you haven't seen ugly betty, you need to RIGHT NOW. it became like my new favorite show. the best parts are when selma hayek, the executive producer, has cameos as a slutty ho in telnovelas that betty's nephew watches. hopefully the episodes are as good as the pilot.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Listen to: Stephanie McIntosh "Mistake", Poppin' Indian Dudes, and Waxy Moles

Song of the moment right now. Plus it has the hot guy from Desperate Housewives. Must watch:

And I wanna pop like this dude:

SO FUCKING WEIRD huh? Confused? Translation: "The little guy is a famous impersonator/comedian/dancer. He asks for a cigaratte. For that the guy says "no you are to young" for that he replies "i only look small but i am 10 years older than you" (which is true). So he asks "what he will do if he doesnt give him one". For that he says "I will cut you into pieces". And he gives him the smoke." I love brown movies.

So I was catching up on one of my favorite blogs, and it made me realize that this blog shows nothing about being in med school. For all you may think, I could be just bumming around Chicago shopping all day and night on Michigan Ave. But alas, that is not the case. This past weekend, all I've been doing is studying. It's less than two weeks to our first exam, and everyone is in a hyper state of study mode. I've been neck deep in glycolysis, TCA cycle, cell cycle, Michaelis-Menton Goldman-Hodgeman-Katz Nernst equations, signal transductions GALORE. And I haven't gotten to apoptosis yet.

But studying tells no exciting stories. It seems like stories come from being in the clinic. (I emphasize the THE, because apparently in medical school, no one uses articles. All I hear is "Welcome to clinic...", "Sign up for clinic...", "I came from clinic...", "In clinic, I learned...". Why doesn't any one say "the clinic" or "a clinic"????)

Anyways, I digress. This week has been awesome due to one person: Dr. Lindquist, the geriatrics doctor I shadow. I'm thankful to Michelle for getting me involved in the geriatrics clinic. At first, I was like NO OLD PEOPLE FOR ME. But it's inevitable that I will be touching and feeling old people for the rest of my life, so why not start now?

Dr. Lindquist has a personality that just exudes fun. She comes in denim miniskirts with knee length suede lace up boots. Now, what isn't as fun as knee-length Pocahontas mocassin boots?!? Anyways, here is one of many incidents:

That SHIT means nothing.
Oooooh, I got a new fountain for my backyard!
Dennis, you gotta see her other fountain. It's a dog that pisses water. Isn't that GENIUS??!? My parents want to get a solar powered one, but you know, they don't make those.
Yeah, good luck finding those. Oooooh, I have pictures. Lemme show them to you Dennis.
Oh really? Cool!

Can't wait to see more old people (and outdoor paraphernalia) this week!

Friday, September 22, 2006

Listen to: Girls Aloud

Ahhh! New Girls Aloud video out! I love Girls Aloud. They're HUGE in Britain, but totally unknown in the States, which is like the majority of the music I like to listen to. Please get educated in COMPLETELY MANUFACTURED POP.

New single "Something Kinda Ooooh":

Here are their best songs:
"Biology" (aka song with three choruses = GENIUS!):

"The Show" (my favorite song of theirs):

"Love Machine":

"No Good Advice":

I've noticed that all of their videos have really awkward and literal choreography. It's pretty funny actually.


JD @ Chicago + NURD: Café Iberico

Yay! Jess was here earlier this week and I was so excited for her and her interview at U of Chicago. I'm sure she did well and I'm glad she loved the school. Here's hoping to her and to everyone else getting an interview at Northwestern!

That last pic was at Café Iberico. I new tapas would be a great place since JD went to Spain. She gave her approval since all the food was authentic. And the food was DARN good. Eggplant with veal. Quiche-like pie with potatoes and egg. PINCHO DE SOLOMILLO (Beef tenderloin skewer with fries and caramelized onions.) GAMBAS AL AJILLO: (Grilled shrimp with olive oil, garlic and wine). The sangria was amazing. All in all, one of the best restaurants I've been to here in Chicago. Cheap too! These dishes ranged $4-6. Definitely coming back. Wa-el, you too for sure.

WTF: Tornado

I was just doing some communications reading, and I woke up to sirens. TORNADO WARNING SIRENS. WHAT THE FUCK DO I DO?

620 PM CDT FRI SEP 22 2006





Oh. I'm going to duct tape pillows around my body.

Listen to: Nothing In this World

This song is a highlight on her new album (which I think is really good). Haven't seen a watcheable music video in a long time until this one came along.

JD was here earlier this week. Pictures coming soon!

Friday, September 15, 2006

Project Runway. NURD: Indian Garden

Don't look at me. I just work here.

Doesn't it feel like yesterday that we saw Danny V's, Chloe's and Santino's collections? Well, I guess another season has come and almost gone. Today was the last day of spring fashion week in NYC and what better way to top it off than the Project Runway designs. Here is my totally non-expert analysis of the runway and who I think will win.
Oh Jeffrey. You are an ass. Since your personality isn't judged, let's look at your collection. BLECH. I really liked your socialite dress, so I was excited to see what you presented.

Her look totally says it all. VOMIT.

I hope Jeffrey is the person out next week.
Poor Michael. Michael pulled the a Danny V. So good throughout the entire season. COMPLETELY disappointing at the runway show. His collection was completely devoid of taste. His dresses were so amazing on the show. Today's showed his true style of dressing for 'Lil Kim.
I have no words for this hoochie-ness.

Even Michael's best isn't all that spectacular...

So I'm guessing it's a showdown between Uli and Laura. We're gonna have another female designer win!
"I luk bettah zan ze modelz."

Nice shirt dress huh?

Going African.

Silver is in.


Haven't we seen all of this before? Not very surprised by her dresses but I'm still impressed.

But Laura. She pulled out all the stops for her collection. Her collection looked immaculately produced and looked a lot more interesting than anything she made on the show. I hope she wins, because she deserves it.
"I'm pregnant AND a fashion designer. Take that HEIDI."

Ooooh. Sparkly.


Stunning, huh?

So I hope Laura wins. But you know, I was completely wrong about last time about Chloe. Hers looked ridiculous on the online pictures. So who knows, Jeffrey or Michael might win. I guess it's all a matter of taste. We'll find out in a month! Go look at the pictures here, and tell me who you think is going to win.
Today is gorgeous. It was so cloudy for the past week and a half, and finally the sun shines through the city. Michelle, Amy and I ate lunch at an Indian Buffet because we all had the biggest craving for some Indian. (I miss $6.99 Akbar and Mughal Garden.) But this place was some fancy Indian buffet for $8.50. The nan was cooked fresh. Sizzling tandoori chicken was served to your plate. The lamb curry was delish. My favorite was the chicken curry and spinach of course. Too bad there was no chicken tiki masala. What kind of Indian buffet doesn't have that staple? But whatever, it was completely worth it for $8.50. DEFINITELY coming back.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Today was amazing! Northwestern has a great relationship with the Lyric Opera house in Chicago. There were 50 free tickets available to the dress rehearsal for the new production of Puccini's Turandot. Amy, Jefferson and I went off to the loop and saw the production.

If you guys don't know the story, here is the premise. A prince named Calaf from Tartary (what is now Mongolia) arrives in Peking, China and meets Turindot. Affected by her great beauty, he must marry her. However, 30+ suitors have already died in doing so. To gain her hand in marriage, one must answer her 3 riddles correctly. If you can't, you're beheaded. Calaf succeeds, however Turindot resists. Calaf offers Turindot a riddle in return saying that he will be executed if Turindot can name his name. In the end after several deaths opera style, Calaf and Turindot fall in love and "happily ever after".

The story: I hated it. Ugh. You really can't sympathize with Turindot at all. Amy and I called her the serial killer brat. Not cool at all. So many princes beheaded for her. Liu, a slave, was my favorite and she committed suicide for love. So sad! Ping, Pang, and Pong (I'm seriously not making this up) were the funniest. They seriously brought comic relief to the opera.

I also HATED the costumes and set. They seriously made it look like a circus. The sets were UGLY. Amy was right in saying that it was very Salvador Dali-like. Pure disgusting. Turindot had problems with her fugly dress. It was funny to see her kick her train around the whole stage. And Ping, Pang, and Pong were all in seriously clown costumes with white face paint. So not cool. They need to fix this.

But overall, the performances were great. Calaf and Liu were my favorite opera singers. So impressive. And the opera has like my favorite aria too, "Nessun Dorma" aka the one that Pavarotti made famous. I guess my expectations were high after seeing Eugene Onegin at the SFOpera. When Tina and I watched Eugene Onegin two Thanksgivings ago, I felt like I was transferred to the world of old Russia. With today's performance, I felt like I was watching really good performers on stage of a complete joke. But it was an awesome time. And it was free! Oooh, and we all got free $70 coffee table books. I love free!

But the Lyric Opera house was amazing! It was truly beautiful inside. If I remember correctly from the Chicago Boat tour, the building was built because the owner's daughter wasn't good enough for the NYOpera. So he built his own building, with the butt of the building facing east/NYC. Now Chicago opera singers still sing their backs to NYC.

Jefferson, Julie, Amy and Annie in front of the opera house.

A cool building in front of the opera house. I call it the Rubik's Cube building.

Now this building was awesome. It looked like a multi-tiered cake from the outside.

On the inside, it looked like this.

I can't take enough pictures of my favorite buildings in the city, the Marina City Towers.

Oh man, I'm so addicted to this new Fergie cd. I have bad taste.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

NURD: Volare

It's official. NURG is now called NURD (Northwestern University Restaurant and Dining). A better name thanks to Amy's suggestion. With this new name, a new restaurant to post. Michelle's boyfriend, Tim, was in town, so it was time for all of us to meet him. We had a great time and ate at Volare, a restaurant at St. Clair and Grand. Good service, pretty crowded for a Tuesday night (every table was taken) and excellent food. A little pricy though.
Amy's dish, some shrimp. She was expecting some pasta with it, but no. Sadness.

Jefferson's yum spaghetti with pancetta. I have no clue what Tim got in behind, but I'm guessing it had potatoes.

Mine was what I call risotto salmonella. YUM. It was really good.

Michelle got a clam pasta. Pretty fresh, with sand :).

Overall pretty good and recommended, but still a little pricy for my taste. I hate how everything in Streeterville is so expensive.

Oh man, did you guys see the iPods? I'm so tempted to get that shuffle. It's SOOOO SMALL! And it clips on to your clothes! And the new nanos look like minis. I still thing that the nano design is better. I guess these things will be selling like crazy. And Bradley is still the latest laptop to date :). We'll see how that is in a couple months.

Monday, September 11, 2006

I met Abe Lincoln

More pictures from the bean thanks to Christine (aka my buddy from San Jose)!
Jean, Amy, Jefferson, Me, and Christine jamming along.

We're modeling the Chicago skyline. Christine and Amy are sides of the Sears Tower. Jefferson is the Hancock Center. I guess I can be the Vagina building since I love it so much.

Being in the land of Lincoln, we had to meet the founder.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Listen to: hellogoodbye

Wow. Sorry for that really random post filled with my stream of consciousness.

Today, I started Patient Perspectives at NMH. It's basically a program to get acquainted with the patient's perspective of the medical care they are receiving at the hopsital. NMH is amazing, and it's totally like a hotel. Some people loved getting treatment over there, but others for obvious reasons just wanted to go home. The nurses I met were amazing, and everyone was just nice.

Watch this funniest video ever:

I need to find their album, Zombies! Aliens! Vampires! Dinosaurs! NOW.

Classes, Intoxications and Lions!

Long weeklong post ahead!

So first week of classes have come and gone. Scratch that, two weeks of med school have passed. It's just that this feels like real med school. Five days a week, I have 8-10am classes called Structure-Function (aka hard-science courses). So far it's been great. Stuff we've seen so far, ie. water, carbohydrates, nucleic acids, proteins, enzymes, Michaelis-Menton, etc. Unfortunately, I feel like it's going to so much faster. I don't think I've ever study a lecture the day we learned it AND prepped for the lecture for the next day. Hopefully these study habits will stick, but I have a feeling it won't.

In the afternoon, we have Patients in Context, Communication Skills (starting next week), and Ethics classes twice a week. Those are pretty interesting, and I like the small group atmosphere. But so much pressure to talk in class and awkward silences. I really like my PBL group and Amy's in it too! I guess I'm glad I don't have Michelle's problem of PBL with some obnoxious people. We'll see what happens! I have to present my "learning issue" of blood tests. RBC, WBC, MCHC, hematocrits, galore!

Enough about classes, the fun! Thanks to Annie (I OWE HER HUGE), Annie, Amy and I had an excursion to a bakery, Ikea and Walmart. I basically begged and pleaded to go there because I needed more furniture in my apartment. (Before and after pics coming soon).

While we were at a Swedish Bakery store in Lincoln Park, we did an experiment. So one day, Amy and I went shopping on Mag Mile. We were testing what fragrances we liked in Sephora, and this one from D&G stood out. She sprayed it and it smelled great. 30 minutes later, I took a whiff in her direction, and I was like WHAT WAS THAT?!? The nice smell turned into a stench. We concluded that her body chemistry was just wrong for that fragrance = hypothesis 1.

Swing back to the bakery, we try a sample of Ralph Lauren Romance she had in her bag while waiting for Annie to buy her sweets. We both thought that the perfume smelled better on me than on her. Hypothesis 1 is about to get proven. We asked Annie what she thought, and she liked Amy's better. Sigh. Hypothesis 1 proved false. But what's the sensitivity of this supposed test? j/k.

Anyways, I got tons of stuff at Ikea. I had a field day. I wanted to get that REALLY nice coffee table Bobby had in Uni One, but it was WAY too heavy for me to carry. And it couldn't fit in the car, so it was not going to happen. Sadness. My favorite purchase are these huge glasses that I bought 6 for $6. They're like juice glasses but they're HUGE. Like a can of soda will fill 1/4 of it. Walmart was great, I promised that I would find everything that I need in 15 minutes and I accomplished that feat. Power shopping to the max.

We got back late, and we were late to the progressive party that a 3 awesome M1 apartments were having. It was awesome to see like the class, like 100+ people, pack into tiny studio apartments getting drunk. Apartment 1: tequila. Apartment 2: gin and tonics. Apartment 3: sangria. Things got more and more loose throughout the night and it was fabulous. Can't wait for more.

When I got back, I saw these HUGE boxes in my room. In my drunken state, I was like MUST BUILD NOW. Hopefully my coffee table and the new desk chair I'm sitting now won't distruct.
The other Amy had an awesome idea of going to the Lincoln Park Zoo, one of the last free zoos in America. Before that, Jefferson had the awesome idea of going to Millennium Park to watch some drumming before the zoo. It was amazing; there were like six stages across the entire park, filled with music. I saw some jazz and latino music stages. But we mostly stayed at the percussion stage, where everyone could grab instruments and jam along. It was a lot of fun, especially with my tambourine skills.
But we were there for Jean's posse. She apparently joined a Pungmul group and we had to see the performance. Since it was Korean, I felt like I should be cultured in such things so I tagged along with the crew. The drumming was awesome and it was cool to see the whole audience into it. I wanted to play the gong.

Jefferson, Amy and I met up with the other Amy at the zoo and it was a lot of fun. There were so many HUGE animals you can see up close. The lions were the most impressive. When they started roaring, it was ear shatteringly loud. The cheetahs looked calm and wise.

And there was this one monkey that loved this one blond girl and kept hitting the glass. I thought it was cute that it was playing a game with the girl. Other people were amused too. Jefferson and both Amys thought it was scary and aggressive. Apparently I'm low class for enjoying such things.

But several questions were raised. We lamented that Wikipedia isn't in mobile form.
Question 1: What animal is Rafiki?
A: A mandrill.
Question 2: Can goats really eat tin cans?
A: No.
I'm definitely coming back to the zoo.