Tuesday, August 29, 2006


I have a tv!!

One baby step at a time, my new apartment is fully realizing itself. Most of the stuff in my apartment I brought all the way from California. But a couple of things I still needed. Like all essentials in the kitchen. I was proud to find a $7 toaster from Target. And I also bought a sweet microwave for $20 from a student who lives in McClurg.

But something was lacking. ..... *SILENCE* It was way too quiet. With no roommate (I miss Richard), the mornings and nights were a little too quiet. So I did the thing I promised myself that I wouldn't do in med school. WATCH TELEVISION. Apparently everyone watches, so why should of all people I be left out? Everyone watches Grey's Anatomy here. PLUS, one lesson last Friday, we watched House. YES HOUSE. That was our medical school lesson. A TV show. We learned all about deep vein thrombosis, haldol and vitamin K deficiency from a TV show. A TV I must get.

So to the Craigslist I go! And I found this baby. For the cheap price and the size, there was no better bargain. However, she lived in Bryn Mawr which is like 10 "el" (aka subway) stops away. She offered to deliver it to Streeterville (the neighborhood I live) to her new apartment, but apparently she didn't deliver her promise.

On this rainy day, I trekked all they way over there. The tv looked fabulous and pristine. The problem? How was I going to take this home. The humungous plastic bag I brought clearly wasn't big enough.

But this is where Chicago differs from any other city. She offered to take me to the nearest el stop. So sweet! But it gets better. The el worker saw that my TV was getting wet. So she offered a couple HUGE CTA garbage bags to put my tv in. She totally made my day, and I couldn't stop thanking her. I even gave her a hug. This was like the millionth time a Chicago stranger helped me. Their altruism makes me so grateful and want to give back even more.

I prayed that the TV would be safe and unharmed from all that traveling. And it is! It works! Now I need to get this cable hooked up... Hopefully I'll be watching Barefoot Contessa in no time.


Judy said...

I wouldn't say that altruism is a Chicago trait. I'd like to think that there are nice people everywhere in the world--you just have to be lucky enough to bump into them. I'm glad you got lucky. :)

amir said...

barefoot contessa makes me fall asleep. watch feasting on asphalt!