Thursday, August 24, 2006

Orientation so far...

  1. i <3 chicago.
  2. i <3 northwestern university feinberg school of medicine (aka nufsom).
so let's do a play by play why it's been great so far. The first day, I was really nervous at first.

Meeting fresh new faces. It was like freshman year all over again. I knew absolutely nobody entering the school. I don't know anyone in Chicago (except for Dan) so it was a completely fresh experience.

While going up to the registration table, I half expected to not have my name there. I was expecting them to say, Dennis who? Oh we don't have your file here. You weren't accepted here. Fortunately it was the opposite.

Most of orientation has been administrative stuff. Deans speaking for hours. Offices of Student affairs, multicultural affairs, blah blah blah affairs. It was cool to listen to everything and to hear what Northwestern is all about.

I obviously can't spell hancock building. not handcock.. i'm embarassed. i'm too lazy to change it.

But it's the people that make it great. The student body completely surprised me. I was talking to Michelle, one awesome M1 I met here, and we both had the same concern here. The same concern of making friends. Who cares about medical school? Psh, nothing to worry about. But the making friends, that's more important. Everyone here is so cool. Nobody (except for a couple of exceptions) have a hint of the whole über-premed mentality.

But one thing for sure is that people here are R-I-C-H. I thought Hopkins was bad. But this is just rolling around in money. Students owning condos, living on the 4959302nd floor in the high rise building around campus. Crazy. I hope that I'll get a reasonable apartment next year. But Abbott Hall sure is comfy. Who knows what will happen? So I guess the highlights and the lowlights.
  • Scavenger hunt. My full first real introduction to Chicago. I just arrived the day before, so I was clueless. Didn't know where everything is. This made us find everything around campus and forced us to take lame pictures.
  • Faculty mixer. Didn't meet much faculty. But had awesome drinks and the best catered sushi ever. Took multiple platefuls.

  • Comedy show at Second City. This is where all those famous SNL people started. John Belushi. Bill Murray. Chris Farley. Tim Meadows. Amy Sedaris. Stephen Colbert. Tina Fey. The comedy show wasn't that funny. But it was FUNNY cuz we drank by the pitcher. Charles River (long island + blue curacao... yum), strawberry daqueri, piña colada. Yum + alcohol = super funny.

  • HIPAA training. Not the training itself, but the acomplishment after. The training was so rough. UGH. .... not. So Michelle and I treated ourselves by going two blocks over to Michigan ave. AKA BEST SHOPPING EVER. 3 story H&M + 2 story Club Monaco. You know I'm happy.
  • Boat cruise. Met more awesome people there. Saw all the cool buildings and learned the history about them. Became a total tourist and took tons of pictures.
  • Big sib dinner/bbq on the sundeck of a highrise. Good food. Great people. Beautiful view of all the skyscrapers.
  • Dr. Love. Coolest guy EVER. He did this one and half hour lecture about love, relationships. Really random, but totally inspiring. If you want to have a successful relationship, you gotta have the 3 Q's. EQ (emotional), SQ (unselfishness) and one other Q I forget. Anyways, he's like the psychiatrist for all the south Asian countries presidents and royalty. Even for Bush. Amazing guy.

  • Project Runway. OK. I'm still not used to Central time. EVERY TV SHOW IS ONE HOUR EARLIER. SO FREAKIN WEIRD. Anyways the best challenge ever. I wanted to cry when I saw them see their mothers. So emotional.
  • BLS (CPR) training. Ugh. Getting there at 7:30am to get certified. Learned all the new methods for CPR. Very intriguing. And a lot more tiring. 30 compressions instead of 15. Took so long and forever.
  • Library introduction. Not really interesting. Journals, e-books, galore. Until we found Cosmo. Took the sex quiz. Learned what men prefered for their partners to do. Like, men prefer women to wear no underwear under their skirts. Most sexiest thing to do? Have their partners masturbate in front of them. Em, cool.
  • Faculty Dinner. Had the best food ever with Dr. Anzia. She is a psychiatrist who was really warm and loving. Made the best food and made us feel like we were at home. So sweet.
I guess that's pretty much it so far. Two more days of orientation before the real work begins. Let's see how tonight goes!


joyce said...

sounds like you're having a great time over there--your apartment looks sooo nice! hopefully i'll get to come visit sometime =)

joyce said...

sounds like you're having a great time over there--your apartment looks sooo nice! hopefully i'll get to come visit sometime =)

peo said...

So. Yay for pics. Yay for making friends. Yay for the biggest and most luxurious "tiny studio" I've ever seen. And yay for Freudian "handcock" slips. Honestly Dennis, WHAT was your mind on?

amir said...

lol handcock...looking good!