Saturday, August 12, 2006

My Future Front Yard: Frat Parties with 40 year olds

Chicago’s skyline serves as the backdrop for weekend parties on Lake Michigan.

Water, Water, Everywhere, and Plenty to Drink

Published: August 13, 2006


A LITTLE before noon last Saturday, a smattering of boats began chugging across Lake Michigan from various directions to a point about 600 feet offshore. Anyone driving by on Lake Shore Drive, which bends around miles of lakefront, would not have noticed anything unusual; just another summer scene. An hour or so later, though, what had been a loose group of a dozen or so boats had turned into a sprawling armada.

Hundreds of boats, from million-dollar yachts to speedboats to fishing dinghies, had merged with rubber rafts, water trampolines and makeshift docks into roughly five loosely connected chains bobbing across a no-wake zone unofficially known as the Playpen.

It was the annual summer boat party sponsored by Chicago Scene magazine, a larger and more promotional version of the smaller but no less bacchanal gatherings that have been taking place just north of the Navy Pier here most weekend days for the past several summers.


...w00t! :-D I'm there next week.

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