Sunday, August 20, 2006

I'm here!

Quick post before I pass out!
  • Dinner with Mike, Jess Lee and Jana before the Shakira concert! Mmmm chicken. Mike, we need to meet up again!
  • Shakira was HOTT. Danced with Jess and Jana all over our row. Kept checking out the flaming Latino guys who each had a letter that spelled SHAKIRA. Jana sat on S's lap. I'm jealous. But I'm more of a K guy.
  • Packed three 50 pound bags to check in. Had two carry ons that were like 40 pounds each. Going to fedex 4 more boxes of winter clothes, etc.
  • Got to San Jose airport 7:30am for my 9:45am flight. Curbside checkin took an hour due to long lines.
  • Said goodbye to my family. I miss them. :'(
  • Flight delayed for 45 minutes.
  • Sat next to a horticulturalist who kept talking to me. Telling me all these "Korean" jokes. Smiled and laughed to play along.
  • I've never heard babies shriek like howling banshees before while landing.
  • Fumbled carrying those 250 pounds of bags from baggage claim to the taxi stoop.
  • Finally got to Abbott Hall, my future home for one year.
  • Ran over to a building 3 blocks down to pick up my keys. So not convenient.
  • Met up with David and his friend Robert who helped me move in. David was my host when I visited Northwestern last December. They're awesome.
  • Ate the best Pad See Ew ever at restaurant called Dao.
  • Did some minor food shopping at Dominick's (aka Chicago's Safeway).
  • Locked out of Abbott Hall because I don't know how to enter the doors.
  • Called security guard who showed me where I can use these 3 random keys I got.
  • Unpacked for rest of night.
  • Sleep!
Tomorrow is orientation day 1! I'm excited and nervous!


Judy said...

I want some pictures!! And how did you manage 250 pounds of bags by yourself?? I need some pointers for when I have to do it. I hope I get to see you soon!

Judy said...

Yay Chicago!! I want to see some pictures!! How did you manage 250 pounds of bags by yourself?? I need some pointers for Santa Cruz... I hope I get to visit you soon!!

Judy said...

Oops, I didn't mean to post the same thing twice... And now I'm posting a third time. Ha ha.

eiline said...

"babies shriek like howling banshees before while landing" yeah, that was my flight to ohio. btw, richard rode magnum and millenium force! no time for dragster tho, but we came and we conquered!