Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Why the world I need Superman.

Ah summer. The days of freedom. Where the sun shines brighter. The days are longer. And in the movie theaters, only hugely budgeted, mega-eventing, superstar action packed blockbusters reign the screens. After several attempt to watch the movie, Will, Jess and I finally went to the Tech Mueseum to see "Superman Returns" on the awesome IMAX dome screen. Will got this coupon that gave us 2 for 1 tickets, so it was an incentive to watch it on the huge screen. And HUGE it was. You could see ever pore and freckle on Superman's, er, face. His arms were 5 stories high. His shoulders were as wide as an olympic sized pool. ... You get the picture. The last time I went to this theater, it was to see "Beauty and the Beast IMAX" 5 or 6 years ago. Man, that time, the beast was BEASTLY. But for this movie, Superman was more than heroic, he was literally out of this world.

I profess that I have yet to see any of the old Superman classic movie franchise, or an episode of Smallville. *shock*. But back in the 4th grade, I was a huge fan of Lois and Clark. You know, the one with Dean Cain and Teri Hatcher. Oh, those were the days of good TV. Now, seeing Superman on the big screen, gave new meaning to an action hero. With a lift of a finger, he could prevent an airplane crashing down on earth. With only an exhale, he could blow out any conflagration that he could find. Just standing there, bullets were inpenetrable. Superman is THE man, and he is my hero.

Now what got me in this movie was Lois Lane. I've always pictured Lois as Teri Hatcher. So seeing a blonde who turned brunette Kate Bosworth play Lois was a little off. I've always pictured Bosworth as a blonde, so as a brunette, it was weird. Plus, it totally annoyed me how no one can realize that Clark Kent IS Superman. Sigh. But that's the story I guess.

Now, why am I writing a whole post dedicated to this man, er, movie? It's because if you haven't seen it, GO SEE IT. It's an amazing movie perfect for summer. It has everything. Romance, action, comedy. Laughs, tears, palm sweats. I was seriously crying for Clark for half of the movie. The other half, I was clinging to the seat, hoping Superman would be OK. That's what the movie made you believe. It made me believe that Superman was real. You wanted to root for him, to beat the bad guys. Speaking of bad guys, Parker Posey was the best villain who turned good. I hope good things happen to Brandon Routh and I'll definitely see every movie that he'll appear in.

Summer movies to see:
Pirates of the Caribbean
Superman Returns
A Scanner Darkly
The Devil Wears Prada
Nacho Libre
A Prairie Home Companion
The Break-up
The Lake House
X-Men 1,2,3
An Inconvenient Truth


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