Thursday, July 13, 2006

View of windmills outside my hotel room

Day 3
Our first full day in Jeju explored the west side of the island. It was really cool seeing the World Cup stadium. It had a cool shape on the top. We visited mostly museums and rock formations formed my the igneous rocks of the volcano. The best was the grand canyon-like coast lines. They were a sight to see.

Next to the coast was a replica of Hamel's boat. According to my Lonely Planet Korea Guide (my personal guide for the entire three weeks) that Hamel, a Dutch captain, crashed on Jeju island. He was the first foreigner to visit the island and lived there peacefully for a decade. Unfortunately the king found out he was living there, so he imprisoned Hamel in the mainland. Hamel escaped Korea and wrote all about the "hermit kingdom" nobody knew about in those days.


eiline said...

cool picture. oo never knew that history about jeju

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