Thursday, July 13, 2006

Right-side view outside my hotel room

Day 2
We all took a cab to Gimpo Airport for our flight to Jeju-do. Jeju-do or Jeju island is an volcanic island whose volcano has been extinct for thousands of years. They speak a different dialect than Koreans in the mainland. It's very interesting and we all had fun speaking like Jeju people. We first saw the Dragon head statue on the coastline. Very pretty. We also saw a Mongolian Horse show. Odd huh? There were 10's of kids doing all these Chinese acrobats with hula hoops, and ribbons. But the horse tricks were awesome. Very interesting indeed. We finally came to the hotel which was the Lotte Hotel which was very classy. Mostly Japanese tourists came here so there were life size figures of Yongsama (or Bae Yeong Joon aka Korean heartthrob for Japanese housewives). Unfortunately the pool wasn't open but it was cool seeing all the places where the Korean drama "All In" was shot. The whole series was shot at this hotel because of the casino downstairs. I lost $1 playing slots :(. No craps... I guess Asians don't know how to play craps.


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