Thursday, July 13, 2006

Riding a Cable Car up Namsan

Riding a Cable Car up Namsan
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Day 17

Fortunately, the rain let up this day so we headed for the beach in Gwangalli. A short hop, skip and a subway ride, and we were there with the sand covering our shoes. It was an awesome beach, because the Gwangan bridge spanned the entire beach. It must be an awesome view at night, when the bridge is all lit up. My brother and my mom spent the whole time searching for petrified wood and shells. Pretty nice finds.

More shopping was done at night. I feel like all we did in the last week in Korea was shop. I guess we were tired of going to museums and temples. We had some nice samgyetang, a chicken ginseng soup that was really good, somewhere in Nampodong. My brother had the itch to bowl, since we bowled in the hotel in Gyeongju. Oops, I forgot to talk about that. There was a bowling alley in the basement of the hotel in Gyeongju, really random. It was super cheap and we all played couple games and it was a lot of fun. My brother wanted to find a similar bowling alley in Busan. It seemed hopeless to find one, but there was one outside our hotel window. My uncle, brother, cousin and I played a game it was fun, but I need to practice my game.

That night we said goodbye to my aunt and uncle. It's really sad because who know when I'll meet them again.


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