Thursday, July 13, 2006

On Top of the Youngdosan Tower overlooking the entire city of Busan

Day 20

The apartment that we stayed in Hwajeong was my uncle. His wife is my aunt and my mom's sister, and she died from lung cancer in 1994. This day we rode a van and drove a couple hours to see her at the cemetery. Korean cemeteries are different from American ones because they are above ground, and covered in grass, producing little hills.

Since the city of Icheon was nearby, we visited that city, which was famous for its delicious rice. Meh, I couldn't tell the difference. The city was also known for its pottery and ceramics. It was really fun because the kids and I got to create our own dishes, pots, cups, etc. I made a coffee cup, because you really can't find those huge cappucino cups anymore. I've never done that whole spinning wheel with clay thing that you see in Ghost, so it was a really cool first experience.


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