Thursday, July 13, 2006

Namsan Cable Car!

Namsan Cable Car!
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Day 16

This day was raining pretty badly so unfortunately we couldn't head to Haeundae, which was the most popular beach in Korea. Our hotel from day 4-5 was right in the center of the Haeundae beach and it would have been really nice if it were sunny and crowded with people. With my aunt taking care of my cousins and brother at her work in the shopping mall, the rest of us went shopping for more Korean stuff at the Jin market. My mom had a few requests to buy stuff for her friends, i.e. a baby hanbok for dol (100 day baby celebration). My aunt bought some bedding and other fabrics.

We all met up at 2001 Fashion Outlet, where my aunt works. It's a pretty fancy place for shopping store. Like 12 stories of shops, and every floor had greeters like Wal-mart. But more intense. We had to climb up 4 stories, and each time we got off the escalator, they kept saying "Customers, welcome to our store. blah blah blah". It was awkward because they kept bowing to us again and again.

Anyways, that night we headed off to Lotte store to have dinner. Again, the store was really fancy with 11 stories. But this store made me fall in love with duty free shopping. Tons of discounted brand name items without tax and cheaper than anywhere else in the world. Too bad, ... or good thing I didn't have my passport with me, or I would've gotten $400 Prada sunglasses half off. No it was a good thing I didn't get them...


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